Thursday 25 May 2023

25th May

Hi Everyone,

Another day at quilting saw the Blue group’s finished collaboration of a quilt for Community and also 12 baby quilts were completed. Our members are always busy on quilting projects which makes my Thursday a day of joy seeing the progression of work in the room.

Hunters Hill Quilters was thanked for the baby quilts that were handed out to new Mums on Mother’s Day on the Little Wonder RPA Instagram account. One new family wrote a response of thanks for the beautiful gift and how it made a new Mum feel super special.

Some more investigation is being done before we finalise and announce the Charity for our 2024 show.

Heather delivered the 3 Community quilts and 1 from Marie K to Blue & Yellow Hearts.

Show & Tell
Baby quilt made by Beryl

Owls this week from Christie

10 baby quilts from Carolyn

Community quilt completed by the Blue group

😀Next week is Community Day and we will be starting the Raffle quilt.
😀Retreat Weekend  in October please add your name to the list ASAP.

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy.

Thursday 18 May 2023

18th May

 Hi Everyone,

Today our group donated several quilts to the Hornsby & Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter for their organisation to raise funds. This is a new concept in our partnership with HKWS, but we know that the quilts are appreciated and will bring great joy to the families who purchase them. We look forward to hearing how the funds are used to benefit women and families who seek refuge.

💙💛Blue & Yellow Hearts💙💛 are experiencing a high demand for quilts as the weather cools and we are fortunate to have a health supply of community quilts and were able to donate some this week.

Raffle Quilts for our 2024 show were decided today. Grace spoke to us about the planning of the raffle quilt and whether we would make one or two quilts for the show. Members were encouraged to discuss the making of quilts, Traditional or Modern. The outcome of the vote was to make two raffle quilts one of each type. Kathy has a concept design for the Traditional quilt and spoke about fabrics we could use and how we could make it flow to our ideas for the Modern quilt. At our next Community Day 1st June we will have purchased the fabrics so we can setup work stations for cutting, sewing etc. We will be under the watchful eye of Kathy and her quality control team.

Show & Tell
Narelle completed 2 Baby quilts

Jane completed a Baby quilt

Christie made a family of giraffes on a Baby quilt

Marie K completed a Grey & Rosy Red quilt for a worthy charity 

👉Next week 25th May 
- Voting for Show Judge and Charities
- Show Committee Meeting at 1:30pm
👉Community Day 1st June - starting the Raffle quilt
👉Retreat Weekend in October - if you wish to attend please add your name to the list

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy 

Thursday 11 May 2023

11th May

Hi Everyone,

How do you describe today’s amazing organic Appliqué Workshop with Kathy? We were inspired with Kathy’s knowledge and her brilliant teaching to encourage us to think and create out of our comfort zone. It was incredible to see how our members where enjoying making stems, leaves and flowers out of their fabric selections. The technique Kathy taught was certainly manageable for us all.
A huge ‘Thank You’ to Kathy for taking time out of your busy day to talk, teach and assist us with organic appliqué.


Heather delivered to Blue & Yellow Hearts the finished quilts for Ukrainian displaced people this week. Natalka who is the co-ordination was blown away with the large size of the quilts. Thanks to those members who contributed in making blocks and to those who took on the task of finishing the quilts.

If you are interested in attending the Retreat Weekend in October please add your name to the list ASAP.
Voting next week on the Raffle Quilt/s - more information at next week’s meeting.
Nominations for Show Judge and Charity to be finalised in the next couple of weeks.
Next 2024 Show Committee Meeting 25th May.

Show & Tell
10 Baby Quilts made by Carolyn

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy 

Thursday 4 May 2023

Community Day

 Hi Everyone,

A busy day today with members working on Community quilts. One quilt was in the process of working out colour combinations on the design wall, another having it’s label being sewn. Patience was being exercised with the piecing work of hexagons and at the end of the hall a table covered with a Wagga. I am always amazed at the variety and creativity of our members Community quilts.

Happy Birthday to our members who celebrate their Birthday in May. 🎂

Retreat Weekend 27th - 29th October  We are looking at Kurri Kurri TAFE for our retreat this year and have a tentative booking but what we require is to know if you are interested in attending. I have placed the retreat list on the table today for members to register your interest. We need a minimum number of 20 people to move forward with our booking. Narelle has the accommodation prices however they are based on 20 people attending so please consider coming and write your name on the list ASAP.

Quilt Show 2024  Last week I reported we had our first Show Committee Meeting - a copy of the minutes is on the table for you to read. Kathy has offered her expertise to design our Raffle quilt for the show. Today Kathy spoke to us about her ideas on the design and choice of fabrics. To help prepare us on the technique required for the raffle quilt Kathy will hold a workshop on Appliqué next week at quilting.

If you wish to participate bring with you some background fabric approx 8” , 5 or 6 different coloured fabrics for sewing a stem, leaf and flower, glue stick, mini iron and woollen ironing mat if you have them.

Show & Tell

Baby quilt completed by Christie

Community quilt completed by Orange Group

Looking forward to taking part in the Appliqué Workshop.
Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy

Thursday 27 April 2023

27th April

 Hi Everyone, 

Today we were able send 13 Community Quilts to a new organisation for us called RizeUp Australia who help people affected by domestic or family violence. Our quilts will be used in new accommodation with everything that is needed to make it a home so they can make a fresh start. We look forward to working with RizeUp in the future.

2024 Quilt Show planning has begun and we need help from our members for a successful show. At next weeks meeting we will talk about the Raffle quilts, vacant positions to be filled and the proposed date for our Show. Thursday 25th May we will close off nominations for a Judge and Charity. Voting for the Judge and  Charity/ies will be held on 25th May.

Our next Show Committee Meeting will be Thursday 25th May at 1:30pm.

Show & Tell

2 Baby Quilts from Christie

10 Baby Quilts from Carolyn and 1 from Alison

Jenny completed a quilt for Community

We are also planning a workshop on Appliqué for 11th May. More details coming soon.
Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy.

Thursday 20 April 2023

20th April

 Hi Everyone,

What a morning we had being locked out of the hall only to find out a flat battery was the cause! Thank you for being so understanding and waiting in the rain for the hall to be opened by Council.

Show Committee Meeting is next Thursday 27th April at 1:30pm

There are a few positions vacant on the Show Committee if you are interested in taking up a role please come and join us. This is a rewarding opportunity, as our Quilt Show is a time to showcase our quilting skills, raise money for charity and connecting with our local community. Please remember to submit your suggestions for a Judge and a Charity in writing to Alison or myself.

Show & Tell

Jenny completed two quilts for Community - one from a lockdown challenge and the other was made from Jenny’s collection of 2.5 inch squares. Dawn made a cheerful blue and yellow baby quilt.  Our 2022 Christmas Challenge quilt was completed by Iris who selected the quilt design for us to complete over the holiday break. It is amazing what you can do with a jelly roll that was gifted to us, thanks Sybil.

2 Community Quilts completed by Jenny

Baby Quilt by Dawn

Christmas Challenge 2022 Quilt completed by Iris

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy.

Friday 14 April 2023

13th April

Hi Everyone,

It was wonderful to see everyone today and to hear how our members celebrated their Easter with family and friends. 

Quilt Show Committee Meeting
Our first meeting will be on Thursday 27th April to start the planning process for our 2024 show. How can you help? We are asking our members to submit in writing nominations for:


                                                                    Judge (no quilting experience required) 

All nominations need to include a contact name and telephone number for Judge and Charity. You can give your submissions to Alison or myself.

Until next week.

Happy quilting, Sandy