Friday 25 October 2013

News from Thursday 24/10/2013

The quilt top for the Lord Mayor's Picnic is now finished.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on this quilt. It looks wonderful.

Jaquie S. has finished her Elephant baby's quilt.

Elva has made a gorgeous hat with ribbon embroidery...too nice to wear!

And for an exercise in colour, check out Robyn S's embroidery threads

Saturday 19 October 2013

News from Thursday 17/10/2013

Events coming up include:
  • Mosman Barn Quilters 3rd Exhibition at the Scout Hall, beside the Mosman Ferry - Saturday and Sunday this weekend (19th and 20th).
  • Inala Fair at Cherrybrook on Sunday 27/10/2012 - corner of Castle Hill and Franklin Roads:  the quilt that we donation is part of their fair fundraising.
Mark the date:
  • Our 2014 Retreat has been booked for the weekend of Friday 16th and 17th May at Redleaf in Blackheath .
Jenny shared some 'words of wisdom' to help with inspiration for the design of the playing cards quilts - they will be officially published by Ailsa in the Quarterly Newsletter: essentially that means, I didn't write them down, so I can't quote them here!   Though I did get the 'wisdom'.

Show and Tell:

Deb used her jelly roll quilt from the NSW Quilt Show 'jelly roll race' to practice and showcase lots of machine quilting designs - it looked good. 

every row had a different design 

Marie K had fun playing with ducks:  they are cute.

and I managed to finish a top from one of my many UFOs -  more hexagons and I still have an over-supply of red fabric !

Next week I will be away,  so enjoy the next two weeks.   Cheers Iris

Sunday 13 October 2013

A Thank you day:

Thursday was a day of ' thank yous':  we received a  thank you card for our quilt donation to the Annual Fair at Inala and a thank you email for our donation to the Relay for life Fund Raiser.      Betty was back from her holiday,  so she brought in the thank you parcel which had been sent to her from Sunshine Homes: we shared the chocolates and the other 'goodies' in the box will be used as a  'lucky door' prize at our end of year Christmas lunch on Thursday 12th December.

Reminder from Robyn S:  the need for cot quilts for the Grace Centre continues.  So if you need a quick quilt gratification - whip up a cute 26 inch square, all cotton baby cot quilt.    It would be good to have a new supply ready for delivery before Christmas.   Robyn has the cotton wadding that ready for use.

Community donation:   this is from an over-achiever !!   Remember last week - 7 days ago -  I showed a picture of work in progress:

This is it on Thursday  ...  Grace works wonders !  It is finished - even the hand quilting and binding !  Great quilting with variegated crochet cotton - there is some in the cupboard for everyone to use.   The fabric was a gift to Laurel from an 'old'  HHQ girl,  now at HobbySew ( I hope I've got those facts right, Grace - if not correct me in a comment, please !)

Show and Tell ...  a wagga, started by Gil and Doreen at the 'working with wool felt' workshop, and then picked up and finished by Grace.   The hand quilting lines add order to the random shapes of the wool felt. Illustrates what you can do with 'just little bits' and a creative imagination!

And a 2nd  'exhibition' quilt in two weeks by our other prolific quilter, Jessica.   The theme is 'Water, Warp and Weft'.

Thank you to Alison for being this week's photographer - I forgot my camera.

Have a productive sewing week,  Cheers Iris

Monday 7 October 2013

Textile Exhibition

The  Metropolitan museum of Art has a marvellous exhibition of textiles.

Interwoven Globe -The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500–1800

Saturday 5 October 2013

Community Day Thursday

It was noted that Fairland Hall seemed to be quieter than normal, not sure why,  but I can only assume it was because there was lots of community activity going on.   These are some of the pictures that I captured:

Robyn S, June and Jenny working on this 'leafy' design

Hexagons in progress: Meg, Josie and Lin

Kerry, Grace and team working out how many ways to play with half-square triangles

and a snap-shot of some secret community work, by the community team  ...

It was a birthday bonanza with Alison, Janet, Marie G and me all celebrating birthdays  this long weekend.

We had an email from Betty to tell us about a 'thank you' parcel that she received  from Sunshine homes. They had a very successful raffle of the 'Blue Quilt' made by Marie K. which we donated earlier in the year.

After enjoying the 'good shopping' from Material Obsession during September,  we can now benefit from good shopping at Quiltsmith:  25% of fabric from Tuesday 8th October through to the end of October.

Show and Tell:    two new quilts have been donated to our community stash ...

Another donation from Pamela R:  this one is velvet 

And from Ros  ...  brights !

(sorry - you need to turn on your side to see it !)

but the detail is OK ....

 Have a great weekend - enjoy the ships and see you Thursday.   Cheers Iris