Friday 29 January 2021

Another Happy Gathering

 Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Deb for standing in for me last week. My husband  and I had a 3 day break on the South Coast. Very pleasant and relaxing. 

Despite the rain, we had 28 members come this week. There is always so much to talk about.  We are very lucky to have such a group.  A chance to leave the world's troubles behind and simply enjoy each others' company.


Kerry has emailed the agenda for our AGM to be held on 18 February.

If you are not rostered on that day, Helena will organise a zoom meeting for those who would like to watch from home.

Special congratulations to June and her husband who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on 27 January. 

Marie G had a clean out this week and came across photos from a fire that burnt the interior of the Hunters Hill Town Hall in 1978. The council relocated to Fairland Hall for their meetings and business until the hall was gutted and renovated.

Robyn reminded us that Mothers Day was coming in May. She would like to take many baby quilts to Westmead before the date. The quilts are popular as gifts on the day for the new mothers.

Show and Tell:

Carolyn brought in 10 more baby quilts. All lovely fabrics.

Iris has finished this one. All hand quilted.

A quilt from Grace. Grace quilted it with vertical lines which gave it a nice soft feel.

Jenny has finished her Bonnie Hunter design quilt for a family member. It is a very large quilt. A major effort Jenny.

Sheila made a Feathered Star block a while ago. She then decided to finish the quilt using shot cottons and a pretty turquoise colour. A lovely quilt.

Until next week ........

Friday 22 January 2021

Beautiful Baby Quilts.

 We had 25 keen quilters attending this Thursday. It was great to welcome back Christie, Robyn J. and Jonquil, who we had not seen for awhile..

Gill gladdened us with the good news that Doreen is travelling along well and is looking forward to leaving care to return home.

Our AGM is coming up on February 18th and we will try to run a concurrent Zoom session for those not ‘rostered on’ that day.

We had a lovely thank you note from a grateful grandmother whose grandson received one of our quilts via Robyn’s granddaughter, Ash..

Heather’s grandson arrived happy and healthy, and will enjoy his Christmas stocking next year.

Sandy was able to add two more Community quilts to our donation pile. One, a pretty pastel HST quilt, was made by Ros’s cousin, who wished it to go to a women’s refuge.Beryl donated a wonderfully colourful quilt.

Grace had made 3 lovely baby quilts for The Grace Centre. Look at those beautiful, stitched bees and butterflies!

Alison returned to quilting after her brief,but successful, foray into puppet costumery and showed us two beautiful baby quilts-one for her friend’s granddaughter, using Brigitte Giblin’s snowflake design papers, and one for another friend’s baby granddaughter. She also had made a gorgeous outfit for her granddaughter from a Kaffe Fassett fabric featuring pomegranates. A sundress and bloomers...fabulous.

Looking forward to seeing more of our wonderful needlework next week.

Deb x

Saturday 16 January 2021

We are back

 Hi Everyone,

15 of us returned to quilting this week. Good to see Akiko back, safe and well from her trip. Lots of news to catch up with everyone. It was a good day.

Deb has been in touch with Jacky who hasn't come to meetings for a long time. She is suffering badly from arthritis and is unsure if she can return. Deb suggested that she call in just to say Hi whenever she feels like it. 

Sandy sorted all the quilts in the cupboards and made sure she had catalogued all of them. We have quite a few ready to give away. Iris mentioned that she has noticed an increase in the number of  'likes' we have had on Facebook which is good to hear.

We have three Life Members this year. Both Gill and Alison were there this week to receive their new badges. Alison and Gill joined on the same day. Robyn Jms is also a Life Member. I will save her badge until she comes.

Alison had a special surprise for us this week. She has a friend who is a Marionette Puppeteer and Painter. A Marionette Puppet is controlled from above using wires and strings. We all remember the Punch and Judy shows from our childhood. 

Alison brought in the Duke of Mantua puppet her friend Bruce has made. She then proceeded to show two puppets that she had dressed. One is Geppetto from Pinocchio and the other the Don Quixote.

Alison bought fabric and fake leather from Spotlight. Don Quixote had a doily that Doreeen had given her a while ago around his neck. Gill took a photo to show Doreen.

We were totally enthralled with such a special treat and filled with wonder at Alison's expertise.

In all the excitement I totally forgot to photograph the 10 Baby Quilts from Carolyn. We have now received 60 from her, all made during lockdown. Thank you Carolyn.

Show and Tell:


Don Quixote

Duke of Mantua

Until next week ....