Sunday 27 August 2017


Yes, we have just one more week before the end of August!
September will bring Springtime and our yearly retreat weekend! Thanks to Judy G for organising the event this year. We are all looking foward to getting away for a few days and making some significant progress on unfinished quilting business!

Meanwhile, back at the hall, our happy gang worked away as always on a huge deversity of projects.
The display table was covered with an enticing array of fabrics from Cheryl's collection. She would be so delighted to know that all her vast fabric stash is going to dedicated quilters, with lots ending up in communiy projects. I will be bringing many more boxes as the stash is gradually sorted and organised, so stay tuned!

Happy travelling to Susan St J and Iris!

Jenny S showed a new book for the library donated by Joy. It's called "String Fling", and looks like a beauty. Check it out for some inspiration. Thanks Joy.

Maree G showed us a really gorgeous quilt which she described as having 'very old-fashioned' fabrics. Such delicate colours and a pleasing design. Helena suggested she call it vintage rather than old-fashioned. I agree. That has a much tonier feel to it. The quilt is delightful Maree! Well done!

Not a lot to show this week, so I've included a sneak glimps of what looks like a fascinating project.
We look forward to seeing it in its final form. It appears to have lots to read on it!

So there you have it until next week. Have a lovely weekend in the gorgeous weather.
Cheers all.

Sunday 20 August 2017

Congratulations to the Running Quilter

Helena, 'our' Running Quilter,  beat her own record time in the City to Surf fun run by 1 minute. As well as expressing her dislike of Aussie hills,  Helena thanked all her quilting supporters for contributing to her charity - Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women's Shelter.  

Lots of photos to share from Thursday:

Work in progress and all for community

Shella,  Judy, Beryl B and Susan D are working on these blocks

Robyn S, Marie, June, Jenny and Iris ... pinning this top together ready for quilting

The latest design from Grace:  a present for a friend

This block close up illustrates the amount of boro stitching involved

Two finished quilts to add to our community stash:

Jenny's quilt 'Cocktail Strings'  
( I understand that cocktails were involved during the making!)

 see the detail ...

Many hands have been involved with this appliqued and pieced quilt - started in the Stitching Lounge at the 2016 Quilt Show:

Aptly named 'Stitching Lounge Vases'

June and Marie made most of the star blocks and Grace did most of the quilting.

Baby quilts ...   six more from Lindy - all made from the most lovely children's fabrics

and a cute one from Susan D. using the technique from Grace's workshop a few months ago. 
Also, pretty fabrics.

A donation from Laurel to add to the decor of Fairland Hall:    my pictures do not do it justice. It is worked with narrow ribbon on sheer fabric.    Needs to be examined closely.  

 Lets hope that all the other users of Fairland Hall appreciate the work.

That's all  -  enjoy a week of stitching and hope that Elva is feeling better for next week.    Iris

Sunday 13 August 2017


We had a good size group this week, and welcomed Meg back! Wonderful to see everyone looking so well.

Best of luck to our 'Running Quilter', Helena, at the City To Surf on the weekend! Go girl!

Robyn Sanford is planning to take more than 50 baby quilts to the Grace Centre for Premature New Borns. This is just one of our regular community groups which we support, and the flow of these little 26" by 26" quilts from the group just never stops. They are a nice small project for in-between bigger ventures, and can be a more manageable task for those who don't want to tackle 'big' quilts any longer.

Today was no exception, and below you can see what came in:

Firstly, four from Carolyn D, with the usual amazing range of gorgeous fabrics. They're really lovely Carolyn. Thanks.

Next, two from Susan D showing a bright and colourful animal theme! Love the elephant Susan! Thanks.

And finally, a lovey underwater themed quilt from Jenny S. Cute fabrics in the little squares too Jenny. Thanks.

Susan D also showed a spectacular quilt top which had all the girls rising from their seats and gasping! Susan says she just started doing blocks (doesn't particularly like purple) and every time she found some more purple fabric, she'd add it to the quilt. Well that worked out well Susan! It looks amazing! Can't wait to see a finished quilt from it!

Another productive and enjoyable day was had by all!
Enjoy the next week of fabulous springish weather!
See you next week.
CHeers, Elva

Sunday 6 August 2017


What a full hall we had! Lovely weather, the draw of an inhouse workshop and members we hadn't seen for quite a while. All these factors came together to make a wonderful working group.

Many thanks to Helena for presenting an absorbing workshop devoted to applique techniques. With her extensive experience in this area of quilting, Helena was able to demonstrate and pass on many handy hints and new techniques. One of the delights of quilt groups is seeing the generosity of people in happily sharing their skills and experience with such wholesome joy. There is no jealous guarding of knowledge. Everything is shared. Fabulous!

And a couple of days later she entered the City to Surf Fun Run! What a multi-dimentional member she is! Always a delight Helena. And she thanks all those who generously sponsored her in the run to raise money for one of our community charities.

Grace showed a huge collection of Sensory Mats made by Robyn Johnson, again destined for various charities and nursing homes. These are now widely used and appreciated in the community. Well done Robyn. Your work for others is inspiring!

Robyn James thanked all for the final quilting done on the Traditional Quilt for our show next year. Only 12 months away now, but both quilts are now done. Onlythe binding needs doing on the traditional one, which is looking amazing. Well done Robyn and your team, and all those who assisted with the hand quilting. A huge job!


First up a shot of the beginnings of something grand which Grace and the orange group began. Even the early work on this looks spectacular. Imagine what the finished product will be like! Stay tuned.....!

Next, four beautiful baby quilts for the Grace Centre from Robyn S. Beautiful fabrics and clever design work make these most charming. Thanks Robyn.

Alison showed an amazing double wedding ring quilt which she has made for her daughter's marriage which is coming up. With the help of the mother-in-law, they put this whole thing together from start to finish in just one month! Truely AMAZING! Alison swears it is a one-off, she will never attempt such a thing again. I think we can all understand that position Alison. Congratulations indeed!

Helena showed her award-winning quilt for which she got a Judge's Commendation at the recent Guild Show. Now you see why she was the perfect candidate to give our applique workshop! A wonderful achievement Helena. Congratulations!

And finally, yet another little gem from our prolific member Gil. This is a MO kit, and a very sweet design.
A lovely result Gil. Well done!

And so August begins, and we start serious thinking and planning about next year's show.
Have a lovely weekend and week in this balmy weather everyone. Happy stitching!
cheers, Elva