Friday 26 July 2019

Full House Today

Hi Everyone,

School holidays are over so we had almost a full house this week. It was good to see everyone. There was lots of chatter, stories to tell and a good old catch up with everyone.

Wadding - the new roll of wadding is in the cupboard for our community quilts.

Days for Girls - Alison and Suzie had made washed and ironed 182 rectangles of fabric after receiving an urgent request from Janelle at Days for Girls.

If you have spare, bright fabric please put it to good use by washing and ironing it and cutting it into pieces 30" x 12".

Helena's Workshop next week - Refer to the blog before last for what to bring.

Gill and Waggas -  Debbie A. brought in some lovely woollen fabrics to be made into waggas. Gill showed us a wagga top that she had put together. Very simple to do, so give it a try.

Show and Tell:
Baby Quilts from June

One from Jenny

A cutie from Bev
I love the wheels on the trucks.

A cot quilt from June

Two cot quilts from Marie K.

Bev has finished this lovely quilt  from Kathy Doughty's new Book - Organic

Until next week ....

Sunday 21 July 2019

A Quiet Week

Kits for Days for Girls

It was a quiet time at Hunters Hill Quilters as many members had school holiday commitments and there wasn't any Show and Tell.


There was an article by the CEO of Sydney Community Services published in the Village Observer thanking us for our work.

2020 Show Committee

On Thursday we will have our first Show Committee meeting for the 2020 show. This is where we will choose our judge and charities to support. If you would like to be a member of the committee, please feel free to join us at Fairland Hall at 9:00 am.

Raffle Quilt

Our raffle quilt is progressing well but Christie still needs volunteers to take it home and do some quilting.

Urgent Request

We have had an urgent request for fabric for Days for Girls to make more than 200 bags so if you have any useful fabrics in your stash they would be greatly appreciated.
The fabric needs to be washed and ironed and cut into 30” x 12” pieces.
They also request that that the fabric have no cartoon or Disney-like prints, no animals and not too much white (difficult to keep clean).
Please bring whatever you can this week and give it to Suzie who will pass it on to Days for Girls for over locking. We will then need some volunteer sewers to make into simple bags.
See the photo above for some ideas for suitable fabric.

Friday 12 July 2019

Another Happy Morning

Hi Everyone,

We had a big group attend this week. As always it was good to catch up with everyone's news.

Iris piled the 18 quilts going to the new Womens' shelter on the side table. What an impressive lot.
The new shelter is in Beecroft for women over 55 and for a minimum stay of two years. Twenty women can be accommodated.
Sallyanne wanted to have a quilt ready for each lady as she arrives.
I am sure the quilts will bring comfort and warmth.
Thank you all for your effort.

Iris then announced that our cupboard is bare! We will have to get busy.

The wadding will arrive next week.

Helena's Workshop next community day - Wendy William's Pieces of my Heart Quilt:

Helena has been given permission from Wendy Williams to hold this workshop over the next two Community days - August and September.

What to bring:

Choose a colour for the heart
Choose a contrasting background for the centre
You need a bigger square for the centre of the heart
More fabric cut into strips between 2" and 3" wide
Background fabric strips can be up to 4" wide
1/4" sewing foot
freezer paper

From what I understand the heart is made from pieces of strip fabric.

Show and Tell:

Lots of Baby quilts

Six from Alison and her friend Ann 

 Four from Carolyn

 One from Bev with star machine quilting

Cot quilt from Robyn Jn

 One from Marie K.

And a cute one from Narelle

Iris will be standing in next week .....

Saturday 6 July 2019

Lots of Show and Tell

Hi Everyone,

Community Day saw lots of activity in the hall this week.

I found Iris in the cupboard with a screwdriver in hand, removing a shelf. This is to allow space for our new larger roll of wadding that is arriving next week.

Robyn Jnst set Olga to work cutting up the scraps of wadding to be used in her sensory mats.
A big job. Thank you Olga.

The Black Group were busy making lots of amazing felt items for our show next year. There seems no end to their talent.

Meg's Green Group finished a Community quilt made from many scraps.

Christie was busy with the sewing machine and the Orange group making a Wagga.

I was catching up with everyone and actually didn't even sew a single stitch this week. Better luck next week.

Logans Fabrics:
I announced last week that Logans were closing. This week Sue St. came to me to say that she thought that was incorrect.
I called the shop and spoke to the Manager.
Logans is definitely NOT closing.

I do apologise for not checking further last week.

Traditional Quilt for Show:
Please volunteer to do some of the hand quilting for this beautiful quilt. Iris has the quilt this week so please see her if you are able to help.

Judge and Charities for our show:
If you have a suggestion for a judge for our show next year, please see Alison.
Also if you would like to recommend a charity, please do so.

Show and Tell:
Quilts for Women's Shelter

We reached our goal of 18 quilts. In fact I think there are one or two extra.

 The scrap quilt from the Green Group:

 Community quilt from Narelle. Red and White is always stunning.

Also another two from Robyn Jnst. 

Below we have three cot quilts for the Refuge at Sutherland.
First one from Bev.
Next two from Marie K. 

Below a quilt from Beryl R. The blocks were originally cut incorrectly for a particular pattern
but Beryl cleverly put them together to make this lovely quilt.

Another cot quilt from Marie K.

Our group photo with the quilts for the Shelter.
 Unfortunately the most important person, Iris, is missing as she took the photo.
We will make amends next time.

Until next week .....