Friday 7 December 2018

Last Blog for 2018

Hi Everyone,

This is the last blog for the year. The year has just flown but it has been a busy and full year for our group.

The highlight of the year was our Biennial Show. We have had many visitors, met some lovely people and have donated quilts and sensory mats to a number of needy organisations.

Christmas Party Lunch:

Next week is our Christmas Party Lunch. Akiko will start setting up the hall from 10:45. The champagne will be opened at 12 noon.

Iris is helping June with June's special Christmas game. It is such fun we are reluctant to not have it - some of us are very competitive too!

There are lucky door prizes so be sure you grab a ticket from me before the draw.

Iris will surprise us with our Christmas Challenge.

Suzie tested the oven in the kitchen and it does work. Feel free to warm any hot food that you bring.


* As you finish your Kangaroo quilts, please keep them at home until next year. Our cupboards are very near capacity.

* Don't forget to give me your recipes if you wish to participate. I now have 10. I need more to make  into a book.

* Also please add your name to the Morning Tea Roster hanging in the cupboard. Every member is expected to provide morning tea twice during the year.

Show and Tell:

Starting from the top of the photo, we have three baby quilts from Sue D., Jenny, and Ros.

Below Alison arranged the baby quilts very nicely. The two Dick and Jane quilts are from Susan D.

Robyn Jnst. made the four cot quilts below for a Womens Shelter. The Shelter wanted the nursery to be brightened up. You will agree that Robyn has certainly done that. They are bright and cute and all made in record time.

 I will take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas. I look forward to starting afresh next year.

Until then ...

Sunday 2 December 2018

Busy Meeting Again

Hi Everyone,

We had a busy meeting again this week.


* Josie's daughter, Jane, arrived at 11 a.m. with a lot of fabric and bits and pieces from her Mum.

Everything was put on two of our tables and members gathered around to sort it all and take what they could use.
Not only did this help Jane a lot, we picked up useful items for Community quilts or for personal use.

We know each other so well that members were instantly able to know who would have the most use for each item.

Jane was very grateful that we were able to take so much. It is a fitting tribute to Josie's memory.

Jane also told us that she had purchased a plaque in memory of her mother. It is on a park bench at Jeffrey Street Wharf in Kirribilli, overlooking Sydney Harbour.

* Later in the day, we had a visit from Anne Sheehan from the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Womens Shelter.

Anne presented us with a framed certificate of appreciation for the generous donation we made to them from the proceeds of our show.
She said it has meant so much to them.


* During a visit to the Hunters Hill Council, I discovered that the vacuum cleaner in the hall is for us all to use.
It is quite heavy so will only be used if the floor is particularly dirty from crumbs and bits of cotton.

We are all very good at checking the floor for pins and needles.

* Next week will be our last meeting for the year. Our Christmas Party will be on the following Thursday from 11 a.m. onwards.

Bring a plate of food to share and a glass for your drink.We have fun and games. It is a nice way to end the year.

Request re Kangaroo Baby Quilts:

When you finish your Kangaroo quilts, please keep them at home until next year. We are running short of space in our cupboards. Thank you.

Show and Tell:

First up we have a baby quilt from Sheila. The hand quilting looks great.

Below is a baby quilt that Jane found amongst Josie's quilting things.

Here we have below a lovely quilt from Gil. It is made from Kaffe Fassett fabrics. What could be nicer!

 Below is a quilt for Community made by the Red group. We are calling it 'Square Dance'.

 Below are two baby quilts from Jenny.

Below is a cute baby quilt from Bev - quilted it on her home machine.

Until next week ....