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Hunters Hill Quilters meet every Thursday at Fairland Hall in Hunters Hill for 4 hours of stitching from 10.30am.

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Community Quilts

Giving to the community is a major part of the Hunters Hill Quilters - so the 1st Thursday of each month is devoted to 'sewing for others' 

Over the years more than 1000 HHQ quilts have been given to charities to raffle, to auction and simply for comfort.  Sewing and sharing with people less lucky than ourselves is a win/win for everyone concerned.  

We make quilts for many organisations and services including:


Donations in 2017

In November we made a donation of 6 quilts to the Hornsby Women's Shelter:  second donation for the year.   

The Community effort from the group in November included a workshop to support the work of Days for Girls -  
As well as the sewing effort, we donated a quilt for their fund raising efforts.

Each year we like to support and acknowledge the great work of the Hunter Hill and Ryde Community Services with two quilts:   one for their volunteers and one for fund raising.  This year was no exception.  In October we delivered these two quilts.   

By August, the community effort of our group had amassed a further selection of 60 cot quilts for the Grace Centre for Newborns.  As always, Robyn S.  delivered them direct to the delighted staff at Westmead.

In July a representative from Hornsby Women's Shelter came to visit and we gave her a selection of 5 quilts:  when leaving the shelter to move to a better life, each woman is given a quilt.  This is our group displaying the quilts that we donated.

June was a busy month:  first, a 'pile'  of11 assorted quilts were collected by two of the case workers for a women's refuge in Ryde,  women and their children who are not as lucky as we are.

Giant Steps, a school for children with autism hold an annual ball to raise funds: our contribution is a quilt for the silent auction.  'Orange Blossom' by Laurel.

And also in June, a quilt to be raffled for funds to support the Children's Westmead Pallative Care.

 In March 50 Cot quilts were delivered to the Grace Centre for Newborns at Westmead Children's Hospital as well as a huge quilt for their annual fund raising activities.

First donation for 2017 is a wagga (wool quilt) made by Jess and given to the CWA in February to raise funds for the many good works that they support.


Donations in 2016

We end our 2016 year with total donations of:

33 bed-size quilts for fundraising and comfort111 cot quilts for the Grace Centre for Newborn Care
97 Fidgety quilts and muffs for Dementia patients

The final donation for 2016, just in time for Christmas - these  6 quilts were delivered to Stepping Stone House:  an annual donation for the young people there.

2 cotton quilts and 4 wool waggas

Robyn's Blues

Hayley's scraps  


Also in November this lovely pile of quilts was delivered to Erin's Place - gifts for women and their children who are not as lucky as we are.

Turkish Delight by Pamela R. 

Blue Tango by Pamela R.

Spots and Shirts by Marie K

Desert Circles by Material Obsession

Crazy Hearts : community effort and Gil, quilted by Iris

Dancing with the Fairies by Iris

Since 2000, each year about August we receive a brief on the theme for the Lord Mayor's NYE party: a party in the Botanical gardens for families with special needs.  Based on the brief, we design and make a quilt which is given to one of the families. 

2016 was no different - at this stage can't reveal anything - the quilt is in the bag !!     Update in January  ...

Enchanted Garden -  the quilt inside the bag !

Traditionally  November is the month we give two quilts to Hunters Hill and Ryde Community Services.  We have been supporting this very important organisation for several years.   The quilts we gave them this year were:

Outback Stories from Material Obsession
featuring Australian fabrics 

Intersection by Narelle with excellent hand quilting 

Lots happened in October: a fun month which involved the 'Dementia Project'.   Thanks to Robyn Jo's initiative the group made 98 Fidgety Quilts and 17 Twiddy Muffs.   These are used as 'touch therapy' to provide gentle calming relief for patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer.      Almost all of these have been distributed: 70+ in conjunction with 'Sewing for Charity Australian' send to Golden Carers for distribution to aged care organisations and 17 + to a local aged care facility in Kellyville.

Fidgety Quilts being counted into bundles of 10

Before counting - just a huge pile!

And some of the twiddle muffs 

This very special wagga was also given to Bella Vista Gardens, the new aged care facility in Kellyville, to be used as a  wall hanging.  This wagga was made by our member Beryl J, prior to losing her battle with cancer.

In September, we celebrate our birthday: an opportunity to invite friends.

The quilt, Silk Fan was presented to the Brain and Mind Centre for display on the walls of their building in Camperdown to be enjoyed by all who visit there.  The Brain and Mind Centre received a large $$ cheque from the proceeds of the 2106 Quilt Show for their research work into youth mental health.

Silk Fans by the Grace and the Orange Team

Our friends from Grace Centre joined in the party and brought with them a beautiful birthday cake:   we thanked them with a 'stash' of 61 baby cot quilts. 30 of these had been part of our quilt show display.

Another donation in September, was six quilts delivered to Macquarie Hospital: five for patient care and one for a raffle at their annual fund raising fete.

Lightening Strikes by Ros

Challenge in Blue II by Gil

Spring has Sprung by June

Sydney Dry by Pamela R

Laurel's Rose Garden by Laurel

and finally Chevron - a group workshop run by Grace

Each August we give Inala, supporting people with disabilities, two quilts for their fundraising activities:   2016 was no exception.

Shades  of the Rainbow by Robyn S, June, Jenny and Marie with most of the fabric donated by Carolyn.

A challenge in Blue

As part of our Quilt Show in August,  this quilt, Pyramids in the Garden was sold and the proceeds included in the donation to our quilt show charity: research into youth mental health.

Selections of Pyramids in the Garden, by the Blue Group. 

In May, Robyn and Iris delivered 50 baby cot quilts to The Grace Center for Newborns at Westmead

Five 'stacks' of 10 !

All well received and photographed

Also in May 2016 two quilts were given to Laine Harnett from the Westmead Children's Hospital Palliative Care Volunteer program.

Holly Hobby by Jenny for a little girl with health problems too huge to list

Glow,  also by Jenny, to be part of a raffle for fund raising for the program.

And one more in May ... 

Kinu (Japanese for Silk) by the Orange Group donated to Giant Steps for their annual find raising ball 

Two quilts have been given to to Lighthouse and Breast Cancer Fundraising

'Cottage Garden' by the Pink Group

'Stars in our garden':  a group challenge

Our first donation in  2016 went to the CWA in February for their fundraising work.

'Red, white and Stars all over' by Marie K and Iris


Donations in 2015

We end our 2015 year with total donations of:

100 cot quilts for the Grace Centre for Newborn Care
11 quilts for various charity fundraising
19 quilts for comfort.

The final donation for our 2015 year included was a quilt to  Assisted Dogs Australia

'Robyn's Dogs' by Robyn Jo and Helena

November was a very busy month: ten quilts were donated.  

7 quilts selected for Stepping Stone House to be delivered with their Christmas parcels and hampers.

'Chevron' by the Black Group - Gil and team

'Blue Flowers' by the Orange Group - Ros and team

'Music' by Robyn Jo 

'Candy Stripe'by Grace and Lindy

'Strips and Stripes' by Jenny

'Colour Waves' by Pamela R.

'Sample Fun'  by Pamela R.

and also 2 quilts given to Hunters Hill and Ryde Community Services:  one for their volunteer Christmas party and the other to be raffled to raise funds for the Brain Injury Support Program 

'All Stars' by Marie G.

'Diamonds are forever' by Pamela R.

Each year for many years we have been delighted to respond to a 'themed' brief from the organisers of the Lord Mayor's New Year's Eve Picnic: 


In October 2015 Robyn S delivered another 50 cot quilts to The Grace Centre for Newborns at Westmead.  An impressive 'stack'.

September 2015 saw the delivery of two quilts for fund raising raffles.

'Man's Best Friend', by Val and Iris was given to The Guide Dogs Association for their Open Day in November

And 'It's a lovely life', by Doreen and Gill to Macquarie Hospital for their Market Day Raffle.

In August 2015,  two quilts were given to Motor Neurone for their fund raising events:

'Orange Hibiscus' by Henny and Iris (block view)

'Yellow Rainbow' by Jenny and friends

July 2015 was a busy month for donations:  4 quilts were given to Sunshine, founded by Dr. Lorna Hodgkinson.   The quilts will go to people who are supported by Sunshine. 

'Eye Spy' by Narelle

'Shades of Blue' by the Red Group

'Red, White and Blue 1' by Jenny and her team

'Card Trick' by Helen

Also in July,  Robyn Jo. and Graeme were delivering quilts to the Purple House, a dialysis centre in Alice Springs.    Three Hunters Hill's quilts went with Robyn:

'Fluffy Hexagons' by Grace with Hexagons by Penny

and two children's quilts

'Lots of Fun' by Jessica and Helena

'Owls and Dolls'

June 2015 saw the delivery of three community quilts:    two went to Inala and a third one to Giant Steps for their annual fund raising ball.

Counter Change 2 by Marie K to Inala

Sample Garden by Grace from donated blocks, also to Inala

Green with Envy by 'The Orange Group'

Four quilts delivered to Macquarie Hospital in April 2015: one for raffle and three for residents care.

Counter Change 1, by Marie K

Purple Passion by Grace

 80's Laura by Iris, with fabrics from Marie G.

Disappearing by Narelle

Cot Quilts for the Grace Centre for Newborns delivered in March 2015

A magnificent 'pile' of 50 cot quilts

Autumn is an appropriate name for this quilt made by Lindy M. and given to the Figtree Playgroup  for their Mother's Day Raffle.  

     Spring Garden donated to the Palliative Care Unit at Westmead Children's Hospital.  It will be used to raise funds in their raffle.


2014 Donations

79 quilts were given away in 2014, including 49 cot quilts for the Grace Centre for Newborns at Westmead Hospital.

Some Highlights .....



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