Friday 25 February 2022

A Rainy Day

 Hi Everyone,

18 members braved the very wet weather to come to our meeting this week. The rain has been unbelievable.

Grace has decided on a pattern for our 40th Anniversary quilt. The colours are the reds of a Ruby Jewel.

There will be instructions next week. Shades of red, purply red, etc but no white and no flowers. There are some fabrics from the cupboard for us to share.

Just a reminder to please be vigilant with your pins and needles. Ann found a needle on the floor this week when she was vacuuming. 

Another reminder from Akiko. Fees are now due. Check with Akiko if you do not have our bank details.

Show and Tell:

Lots of baby quilts this week. 

16 baby quilts. 10 from Carolyn, 1 from Jane, 1 from Sheila and 4 from Bev.

This lovely quilt from Bev. It was based on a Kaffe Fassett design but Bev changed it from the original pattern.

Another one from  Bev.

Baby quilt from Jane.

Baby quilt from Sheila.

Two of Bev's quilts showing pattern. Love the sheep.

Cot quilt from Bev.

Cot quilt from Bev.

Until next week ......

Friday 18 February 2022

AGM for 2021

 Hi Everyone,

We had a robust Annual General Meeting this week. 25 members attended. It was wonderful to see faces we haven't seen for a while. The minutes will be forwarded to each of you.

Messages were sent from Sue D who is in London and from Laurel who was having a sewing get together with friends near her home. 

 The discussion topics at the end of the meeting were welcomed. Both Grace and Sandy were wearing their name badges. I must say they looked really good. We have fallen out of the habit of wearing them. Marie G remarked that we should make an effort to wear them again. Many agreed.

The topic of the kitchen was also mentioned. Many of us prefer the simplicity of self catering for lunch. Perhaps we can have further discussion about this. As there is still a lot of uncertainty about COVID  I prefer to let things stay as they are for the moment.

Grace also mentioned that it is our 40th Ruby Anniversary this year. We have traditionally all contributed to making a quilt with each of our names embroidered onto it. Grace will think of a design for us.

Another challenge we have is for the RPAH prematurity unit's worldwide celebration in November. We have offered to make 40 baby quilts for this. Their special colour is purple and shades thereof. They require even only a splash or two of purple. They don't have to be all purple.

Remember that all baby quilts require cotton wadding. It will be too confusing to have some use polyester and others not.

Show and Tell:

Alison has finished a quilt she started a while ago. Lots of paper piecing. It is for her granddaughter when she is a little older. a lucky little girl.

Baby quilts from Beryl R, Grace and Sheila.

Grace has finished a quilt that was donated to us. Grace has hand quilted the borders and turned the binding to the back so the pattern was not lost. A lovely quilt. 

Ros made this fun quilt and used all her leftover batik scraps for the backing.

Another photo of baby quilts from Grace.

Grace also made this quilt using a centre piece from a Kathy Doughty's design. Lots of hand quilting too.

A closer look at Sheila's baby quilts.

Until next week  ........

Saturday 12 February 2022

A Welcome Visitor

 Hi Everyone,

It was our fourth week back this week. We had 18 members come for the meeting.

We miss those who are not coming. Some are unwell or busy with family commitments. We hope to see you all soon.

Alison has discovered a group who work to raise funds to support the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown.

She invited one of their volunteers to come to speak to us this week. 

The group is called Little Wonder and is a Parent and Support Committee for the hospital's Newborn Intensive Care Unit. It was founded by a group of mums who had experienced first hand the incredible work at the centre..

Their spokesperson was Olivia and what a charming lady she is. Olivia had three premmie babies at the hospital. All three are thriving now.

They give patients gift bags for St Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas. Obviously a very important and special group.

They are delighted to accept many of our baby quilts. In fact Olivia left with 80 baby quilts. She was delighted and said they will all be gone for Valentines Day. They can use as many as we can make for them.

Olivia mentioned the World Prematurity Day which is on 17 November 2022. The day is to raise awareness of preterm births and the concerns of preterm babies and their families worldwide.

Their traditional colour is Purple - dark purple or shades thereof.

We thought it will be a great idea to make 40 quilts for this day in November. It is similar to the Kangaroo Challenge we did a couple of years ago.


Council has been onto me about concerns from a group who use the hall after us on a Thursday. Please be vigilant with pins and needles. I know we search until we find a 'lost' needle. We need to double our efforts. We will always need to vacuum the floor thoroughly after each meeting.

Show and Tell:

The 'thank you' card from the Little Wonder group

Jenny finished  a shawl made for her 6 year old granddaughter. It is so sot. She will love it.

Until next week ....

Saturday 5 February 2022

 Hi Everyone,

A small group gathered this week. As always it was a most enjoyable meeting. 

Next week at noon, we have someone from RPA Hospital Newborn intensive care unit coming to speak to us about their organisation and requirements.

The unit looks after more than 950 sick and premature babies each year. The hospital has a very active group of volunteers to support the unit.

Donations of knitted goods, baby quilts, larger quilts etc are welcomed.  Gift donations are hugely helpful to use as prizes for their raffles and various events. Gift bags are given to each family in the unit on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, World Prematurity Day and Fathers Day. 

I look forward to the meeting and to learn more about the organisation.

Wadding for Baby Quilts:

To avoid confusion with the baby quilts, we have decided that the cotton wadding that Robyn S looks after, will be used in all baby quilts. This includes those made for the Aboriginal Unit. 

Show and Tell:

Carolyn brought in another 10 baby quilts.

Until next week ....