Friday 15 April 2022

A 'Ruby filled' Day

 Iris on blog today:   Judy was isolated as a close covid contact, so was unable to join us.

Update on Helena, who had a bad fall from her bicycle and did a lot of damage to her arm. She is in plaster for 6 weeks, but is now at home.   We wish you well, Helena - no golf or sewing for some time.

Sandy has a contact to get quilts directly to flood victims in the Richmond area.   True Blue Stitches, a fabric shop in North Richmond  are collecting completed quilts, completed tops and orphan blocks,  so any of these that you would like to donate, please bring next week for Sandy. 

Grace and Ros took to the design wall to put together our 40th celebration Ruby quilt.  They were very patient as 20+ advisors offered advice and suggestions:  'move this one', 'take out the 3rd one on the 5th row'  etc.etc.

Work in progress

The 'final' positioning

'Purple'  cot quilt from Beryl

Cot quilt from Alison

Cot quilt from Sheila

Enjoy your Easter period, with lots of family,  chocolate and perhaps some sewing  ..   Iris

Sunday 10 April 2022

More Rain

 Hi Everyone,

The forecast said very heavy rain for Thursday. This didn't deter 16 brave members from arriving this week. As we were not expecting too many Grace and I arranged the tables in a long line which worked out  well allowing for groups to interact more with each other.

Ruby Quilt Blocks: 

These should all be in by now. Grace has a plan for the quilt which she will start shortly.

Show Quilt Deadline:

Entries for your show quilts are due by Thursday 12 May. A hard copy of your quilt is preferable. Otherwise a digital copy can be used.


Narelle has done a huge amount of work chasing venues for our retreat. A big thank you Narelle. The long and short of it is Kurri Kurri is the only place that ticks all the boxes. We are looking at September/October for this year.

Bicentennial Quilt:

Elva, Carolyn, Grace and I met with members of Council on Tuesday to view the Bicentennial Quilt which had been taken off the wall in the Town Hall and seemingly disappeared. We were relieved to find that in fact it has been very well cared for and stored. The colours have perhaps faded a little but the quilt looks great. It is an amazing historical piece for the Hunters Hill Community.

The museum is working on hanging the quilt in July/August together with The Kelly's Bush quilt and the Coat of Arms which Judith Burgess made. This will coordinate with our show so people coming to our show will be able to follow through into the museum to see the quilt closer up.

Show and Tell:

10 Bay quilts from Carolyn and one from Jenny

Blocks for this lovely quilt were made by Margaret D and put together, quilted and bound by Grace.

Jenny's baby quilt from the stash above.

Elva made this beautiful wall hanging, helped by some in her group.  It is reminiscent of  a Wendy Williams pattern and made with felt pieces. It is for a 92 year old friend. I am sure she will be overwhelmed.

Until next week ......

Sunday 3 April 2022

Grace Holding the Fort this Week


Thursday 31-3-2022

A great turn out for such a miserable day.

In particular it was great to see Robyn S after her knee surgery, Laurel and Lindy visiting from out of Sydney and Kathy able to join us for the day. Laurel mentioned she meets a previous member, Penny Cuff, each month for a sit and sew, with Kate Knight in the Highlands..

Our 40th Ruby Blocks are due next week.

Being community day we can put them on the design wall to admire.

Sandy has put aside some purple fabric for anyone keen to make a baby quilt for the Little Wonders group.

Lots of Show and Tell this week.

We saw our windmill blocks made into a fabulous quilt by Suzie. It will be for sale at our Quilt show.

Laurel shared a gorgeous baby quilt for a nephews new  little girl.

Lindy donated a colourful Kaffe quilt and a cosy cotton flannel treasure to community.

Robyn Sanford handpieced this stunning baby quilt while she was in hospital receiving a new knee.The fabrics are stunning. It will go to Dragonfly. Can you spy any dragonflies?

3 colourful baby quilts for Sheila

Jane used spots to create these baby quilts

Our newest member, Denise has joined the fun and  created these 2 baby quilts.

Apologies Denise, I think I took photos of the back.

Plus I joined 169, 2 inch finished, half square triangles to make this baby quilt.

I had fun being “President” for the day.

Many thanks Judy for doing it all the time.

Grace Widders

Sunday 27 March 2022

Quilt Shows are Back

 Hi Everyone,

A very busy meeting this week. It was great to see so many of you there - 29.  The old 'buzz' was back!

Margaret and Carolyn shared photos and stories of the making of our Bicentennial Quilt that was displayed in the HH Town Hall from 1988 to 2021.  Council has suggested that they hold a quilt display in their museum along with the Kellys Bush quilt and the Council Coat of Arms quilt. The display would be for 3 - 4 months.

Also Alysoun Ryves daughter arrived with two large boxes of fabric as well as a quilt that will be offered to RPAH to raffle to raise funds.

We have quilt show to look forward to again. I can't wait.

First off is Blue Mountains from Friday 22 to 24 April from 10 - 4 pm. They have a new venue at Warrimoo.

Eastwood Show is from 15 - 17 July at Roselea Community Centre.

Our very own Hunters Hill Quilt Show from Friday 4 - Sunday 7 at the Hunters Hill Town Hall.

QuiltNSW has a new venue for their show this year. It is at the Grand Pavilion, Rosehill Racecourse from Friday 21  to Sunday 23 October from 10 - 4 pm. They will also have a Vendor Marketplace so you can pick up any of your sewing needs.

Everyone should have an entry form for our show. There are spare copies if you need one.

Show and Tell:

Baby quilt from Grace

Two from Jane

Ten baby quilts from Carolyn. The top quilt used Sheila's orphan blocks from the cupboard. If you need inspiration have a look in the cupboard for an orphan block or two. Make them into something fun and useful. Let your imagination run wild!

A lovely scrap quilt from Marie K. for the refuge

Until next time ......

Friday 18 March 2022

Lots of show and tell

 This is Iris on 'blog' this week as Judy spends time in Melbourne with family.

We had 23 members today,  looking more like pre-covid days and as always lots of chatter, things to share and some stitching, as well.

The Quilt Show Entry forms for our August show are now ready.  Judy has sent them out by email and if you don't have a printer, hard copies are available.   All financial and life members can enter two quilts - 2nd choice will be hung based on availability of space.

Show and tell:

Marie K made this dazzler for community: it really sparkles

Marie G. used her stash to make this fun scrappy quilt, which will be given to a friend.

...   and all quilted on her domestic machine !   Marie admitted that all the twisting 
and turning left her with a very sore shoulder  for a few days.

Then we saw this beauty by Robyn Ja.  - all hand pieced and quilted

My photography does not do it justice:   it glowed and the work involved left many of us speechless

Alison was asked to 'dress' another puppet.  The brief was to create a replica of an entertainer, Brad, as suppled in a photo.   Alison said it took her three attempts to get the jeans the perfect fit, as per the photo.

For members who are not  Facebook users,  this is a photo that I posted on Facebook today which I received from Dragonfly Midwifes:  adorable twins wrapped in one of our blankets.

That's all,   have a good weekend and Judy will be back next week.    Cheers, Iris

Sunday 13 March 2022

Preparing for our Show

 Hi Everyone,

Dragonfly Midwives:

We had a visit from a member of the Western Sydney Dragonfly Mjdwives Group this week. It was a most inspiring visit.

 The organisation of midwives are a part of Westmead Hospital. Their representative, Carolyn, explained how they have set up a separate facility to look after pregnant and birthing Aboriginal mothers. The mothers are given help and care and are taught how to look after their babies as well as advice on health care both for the mother and baby. An amazing group of dedicated ladies.

We are delighted to be able to donate baby quilts for the newborns. A small contribution from us that brings joy to the recipients. 

Ronald McDonald House:

We received a thank you letter from Ronald McDonald House in Orange. Robyn Jnst. had given them cot quilts and teddies that we have made. Ros actually makes the teddies. We have a collection of 100 at the moment. Some don't have faces on them as these are for kids with trauma. Robyn has asked for help to add faces on some of the others.

The house in Orange is the only dedicated child and adolescent mental health unit in NSW outside of Sydney. We are very happy to be able to contribute in a small way to this facility.

Our Show - 4-7 August:

We had a show committee meeting last week. We will soon be emailing the entry forms for your quilts. These need to be sent back promptly accompanied by a photograph and details of size etc.

There is a lot of work ahead of us. Members are expected to help at the show. Narelle will prepare the rosters close to the date. When you are rostered on you must stay the full time. Sometimes friends call in to see you but ask them to wait until you have finished your shift.

The Ruby Challenge is due by the end of the month and Membership Fees are due. Grace is looking after this while Akiko is away.

It was good to see so many of you back this week. The fine weather helped.

Show and Tell:

Baby Quilt from Grace

Items that will be for sale at our show in August:

3 Baby quilts from Jane

A quilt from the Orange Group made on Community Days, the first meeting of each month.

Robyn Jnst.'s friend painted/made the dragons and Robyn out it all together into a fascinating quilt.

A stack of baby quilts -0 10 from Carolyn, 1 from Grace and 3 from Jane.

Until next week .....


Sunday 6 March 2022

Where is the Sun

 Hi Everyone,

The very wet weather kept many members away again this week. Our hearts go out to all those who have lost homes in the floods. It has been so much worse than ever before. Disasters often bring out the best in us and there are many stories of volunteers helping in every way they can.

Being the first meeting for the month it was Community Day. Grace has prepared and demonstrated the  pattern for our 40th Ruby Anniversary Quilt. 

This is due by 31 March to be ready in time for our show in August. An email with the instructions has been sent out to everyone.

Talking of Community Day, we have a box full of UFO's in the cupboard for anyone to choose from and make into a baby quilt like the ones below.

Next week we will have a representative from Western Sydney Health - the Dragonfly Organisation - come to speak to us. They are keen to take some of our baby quilts for the young mothers they take care of.

Akiko reminds you that fees are now due. I can give you our bank details if you don't have them.

Show and Tell:

Lots of baby quilts this week.We need to build our supply for the groups that we donate to.

One from Sheila

A group from Sue Stev, Grace and a friend of Alison.

Alison's friend. I like this pattern.

This quilt was made by Grace. It was from UFO's in the cupboard. The unusual stars were originally made by Sheila in a class with Wendy Williams.
The red UFO's were cleverly put together to make a beetle.
A wonderful outcome for blocks that were lingering unloved.

Grace again working her magic with UFO's.

Another UFO block made into a very pretty quilt by Grace.

Sue Stv.'s baby quilt in details The little teddies are always popular.

Until next week .....