Sunday 6 March 2022

Where is the Sun

 Hi Everyone,

The very wet weather kept many members away again this week. Our hearts go out to all those who have lost homes in the floods. It has been so much worse than ever before. Disasters often bring out the best in us and there are many stories of volunteers helping in every way they can.

Being the first meeting for the month it was Community Day. Grace has prepared and demonstrated the  pattern for our 40th Ruby Anniversary Quilt. 

This is due by 31 March to be ready in time for our show in August. An email with the instructions has been sent out to everyone.

Talking of Community Day, we have a box full of UFO's in the cupboard for anyone to choose from and make into a baby quilt like the ones below.

Next week we will have a representative from Western Sydney Health - the Dragonfly Organisation - come to speak to us. They are keen to take some of our baby quilts for the young mothers they take care of.

Akiko reminds you that fees are now due. I can give you our bank details if you don't have them.

Show and Tell:

Lots of baby quilts this week.We need to build our supply for the groups that we donate to.

One from Sheila

A group from Sue Stev, Grace and a friend of Alison.

Alison's friend. I like this pattern.

This quilt was made by Grace. It was from UFO's in the cupboard. The unusual stars were originally made by Sheila in a class with Wendy Williams.
The red UFO's were cleverly put together to make a beetle.
A wonderful outcome for blocks that were lingering unloved.

Grace again working her magic with UFO's.

Another UFO block made into a very pretty quilt by Grace.

Sue Stv.'s baby quilt in details The little teddies are always popular.

Until next week .....

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