Friday 31 July 2020

Fifth Week Back

Hi Everyone,

We have been back in the Hall for 5 weeks now. It has been a happy time.
We had 22 members this week and Jenny called in to drop some blocks and quilts off.
Laurel came all the way from Bowral just for the day and Helen K. was back after many weeks.

Joy had a phone call from Hayley this week. Hayley misses us and wishes she could travel down to see us. Unfortunately this will not be feasible for a while.

The photo that was posted on WhatsApp showing a little baby wrapped in one of our quilts:
 the quilt was made by Susan H.
Westmead has a special relationship with the hospital in Alice Springs and sometimes sends some of our quilts to them.

Baby Quilts:

If you have any baby quilts for Westmead, please keep them at home until we know when we can send them onto the hospital.
There is no room in the cupboard for storage at the moment.
If you would like to bring them for Show and Tell I will photograph them for the Blog but take them home afterwards.

Community Day:

Next week is the first of the month which is normally our Community Day. There will be nothing planned but if your group is working on a project, feel free to bring it along and work on that.

Show and Tell:

Baby Quilt from Jenny

Baby Quilts from Marie K.

 Baby Quilt from Helen embroidered with the words 'hugs and kisses.

 Two quilts from Laurel for Robyn's charity.

 Iris finished her quilt intended for our Show this August, which has been cancelled until 2021.
Very pretty and beautifully hand quilted.
It was finished with 7 days to go - if our show had gone ahead this year.
I have a feeling Iris will be making something different for the 2021 show.

Three more baby quilts from Jenny (stars,foxes and robots),which I will include next week.

Until then .....

Sunday 26 July 2020

Noise Level Rises

Hi Everyone,

21 Members arrived this week. Then Gill called in and stayed for a while which made 22! As you can imagine the noise level rose to a crescendo as there was so much to talk about. Wonderful!

I have friends who belong to Eastwood and Northbridge quilters. Neither group has gone back yet.
Our roster system works well, with 4 members from each group attending.
If we continue to stay vigilant, stay away if not feeling well and hand sanitising, we will be safe.

A number of mask patterns have been shared. I made one this weekend and will make a couple more.
Ask around if you need a pattern. I think they will be required more and more.

It seems everyone is knitting. Bev arrived in the most amazing top this week. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo to show you. Perhaps Bev can send me one so I can post it next time.
My daughters and two granddaughters have been knitting rugs and blankets, slippers, and hand warmers.
Even my grandson has learned how to knit and is sticking with it.

Show and Tell:

Heather told us that Val Duncan had passed away. She used to sit with Norma and Doreen. I remember that she always had to have a cup of coffee first thing when she arrived.
Heather has put together a quilt that Val had made. Every block is different and it is a magnificent quilt. Heather organised for it to be professionally quilted. Her husband is going to mount it on a wall at their home.

Red Group made this Churndash quilt from a photo on a calendar. It will go to Community.

Six Baby Quilts from Sheila

The cutest little dog we saw on a walk this week. It is Cavalier/Pomeranian mix called Lily. She looks like a toy.

Until next week ....

Sunday 19 July 2020

Third Week Back

Hi Everyone,

We had a group of 15 this week. As usual lots of news to catch up on and stories to tell.
It was good to see Helena this week. She was wearing the beautiful cardigan that we had seen in progress on WhatsApp. It is even better in 'real life'.
Helena organised the zoom meeting this week. It was lovely to see familiar faces on the ipad and they listened in to my talk and watched the Show and Tell.

Susan St J. has had a serious cancer operation and has been in the Chris O'Brien Cancer Centre. She has now been transferred to rehab. We wish her well.
In the centre, Chris' wife, Gail, runs a quilting group that is very therapeutic, particularly for patients undergoing treatment. Susan suggested that we donate one of our quilts for them to raffle. Anything they sell attracts a lot of money because of her high profile.

Felicity must have been in the hospital at the time and visited Susan in ICU.

QuiltNSW has cancelled their show this year.
Expertise Events is still going ahead with the Darling Harbour show 29 October to 1 November at this stage.

Retreat news:

We have booked our retreat for the end of October. However there are some changes.
There will be no sharing of rooms and the Cottages can only have two people.
There is ample room for social distancing in the sewing room but only 20 can be accommodated in the Dining area.
We can therefore have a maximum of 20.
Give it some thought and a decision needs to be made during September whether to go ahead or cancel.

Alison has had word from Council and our show dates are confirmed for August 12-15 2021.

Doreen: Gill has passed on a message from Doreen. She thinks of us often and keeps up with our news as much as possible. She is doing well which is great to hear.

This week Iris handed over her job as Community Coordinator to Sandy W.
Iris has done a magnificent job for 5 years but it is time now for someone new to take over.
It is one of our most important jobs. It is our way of connecting with charities and organisations that need and can use our quilts. We are always on the lookout for organisations in need.
The best of luck Sandy.

Show and Tell:

Baby quilt from Helena using the Jacobs Ladder block

 Helena finished the heart quilt that she taught us in her workshop 

 Cute trucks from Narelle. Bev introduced us to this pattern. It is so effective.

My 15 minutes of play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Used lots of scraps but ended up with more scraps!

 I found a pile of 2.5" by 4.5" rectangles and made a baby quilt.

 My Jacobs Ladder baby quilt.

Until next week .........

Saturday 11 July 2020

A Happy Gathering

Hi Everyone,

17 Members attended this week. It was so good to see faces we haven't seen for weeks. June walked in showing us how well she could move her arm now. She and Marie G. look wonderful.

We easily accommodate 24 members with correct social distancing. There is plenty of hand sanitizer to use and we wipe the tables down before we start. There is also Glen 20 spray to use in the bathroom.

Suzie has been in touch with Felicity. Felicity has had 8 weeks in hospital with various infections but is home now. She is such a fighter.

Elva has been in touch with Robyn Jmes too. Robyn was given a medication that didn't agree with her. She is feeling much better now.

Jenny has family staying and is snowed under. She won't be in for a while.

Alison called in briefly but she has baby sitting duties for the next few weeks. It was good to see her.

More Jacobs Ladder blocks came in this week as well as houses. I am keeping them in the cupboard for the time being.

Lots of  Show and Tell this week:

A photo of Robyn Jnst.'s boot as she left this week. All for the charities we support.
You must agree it is impressive.

A baby quilt from Kerry.

Quilt for Community from Laurel.

" Crazy Hexagons" for Community from Bev.

Marie Kennedy made two churndash quilts for Robyn's charity. 

 So pretty. Love the embroidered figures.

Two baby quilts from Kerry

 Lots of hand stitching on this baby quilt from Bev.

 Bev made such a cute little dress out of pinwale corduroy. It has a pocket on the back for a little girl's treasures. The charity sends items all around Australia to those in need.

 Two cardigans from Bev. The wool is so soft and will be very welcome for warmth this winter. Also 
going to charity.

 Deb T. made this pretty quilt for a relative.

Until next week .....

Saturday 4 July 2020

Return to Quilting

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I have done the blog. We started back at quilting on Thursday. 16 members arrived and it was so good to see them.
We had a lovely day with lots of show and tell. We have all been busy during the lockdown.

Members who are unwell at the moment - Susan St John who is undergoing operations for cancer and Robyn Jms is not well. She will not be back for a while. Jenny has family staying and is tied up also.

Feel free to bring in your Jacobs Ladder blocks and also the Street Scenes. I will keep them in the cupboard until we have them all.

A note about our baby quilts for Westmead. The hospital is not accepting any at the moment. I am not sure when this will change but we will keep you informed.
Many were made over the lockdown so hang onto them until we know what is happening.

Meantime if you are looking for a project, make the 40" x 50" cot quilts for Robyn Jnst.'s charity. Warm quilts will be welcome in this cold weather.

We have more tables in the hall. We can safely accommodate 24 members (4 members per group) with appropriate social distancing. We have 6 groups as Meg's group has decided not to return until September.
This also leaves room for the two heavy tables to be used for pinning or laying out your work. Please liaise with your group coordinator as there may be room if you particularly want to come.

Show and Tell:

First we have a wall hanging that Elva is making for a nautical friend using Japanese Sashiko stitching.

 Two gorgeous baby quilts from Narelle.

 Iris has made two quilts from an unfinished project that was donated to us. There was a lot of unpicking involved of the original work and enough fabric to make two quilts.
Iris used free motion quilting on one of the quilts but returned to her favoured hand quilting on the other. These are for Community.

Marie G. 's quilt finished.

 A donated quilt top that Iris finished.  

 Two cot quilts

 Iris used up bits and pieces out of our cupboard for this Community quilt. Charming.

 Iris put scraps together for this Community quilt.

Until next week .....