Friday 31 July 2020

Fifth Week Back

Hi Everyone,

We have been back in the Hall for 5 weeks now. It has been a happy time.
We had 22 members this week and Jenny called in to drop some blocks and quilts off.
Laurel came all the way from Bowral just for the day and Helen K. was back after many weeks.

Joy had a phone call from Hayley this week. Hayley misses us and wishes she could travel down to see us. Unfortunately this will not be feasible for a while.

The photo that was posted on WhatsApp showing a little baby wrapped in one of our quilts:
 the quilt was made by Susan H.
Westmead has a special relationship with the hospital in Alice Springs and sometimes sends some of our quilts to them.

Baby Quilts:

If you have any baby quilts for Westmead, please keep them at home until we know when we can send them onto the hospital.
There is no room in the cupboard for storage at the moment.
If you would like to bring them for Show and Tell I will photograph them for the Blog but take them home afterwards.

Community Day:

Next week is the first of the month which is normally our Community Day. There will be nothing planned but if your group is working on a project, feel free to bring it along and work on that.

Show and Tell:

Baby Quilt from Jenny

Baby Quilts from Marie K.

 Baby Quilt from Helen embroidered with the words 'hugs and kisses.

 Two quilts from Laurel for Robyn's charity.

 Iris finished her quilt intended for our Show this August, which has been cancelled until 2021.
Very pretty and beautifully hand quilted.
It was finished with 7 days to go - if our show had gone ahead this year.
I have a feeling Iris will be making something different for the 2021 show.

Three more baby quilts from Jenny (stars,foxes and robots),which I will include next week.

Until then .....

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