Saturday 11 July 2020

A Happy Gathering

Hi Everyone,

17 Members attended this week. It was so good to see faces we haven't seen for weeks. June walked in showing us how well she could move her arm now. She and Marie G. look wonderful.

We easily accommodate 24 members with correct social distancing. There is plenty of hand sanitizer to use and we wipe the tables down before we start. There is also Glen 20 spray to use in the bathroom.

Suzie has been in touch with Felicity. Felicity has had 8 weeks in hospital with various infections but is home now. She is such a fighter.

Elva has been in touch with Robyn Jmes too. Robyn was given a medication that didn't agree with her. She is feeling much better now.

Jenny has family staying and is snowed under. She won't be in for a while.

Alison called in briefly but she has baby sitting duties for the next few weeks. It was good to see her.

More Jacobs Ladder blocks came in this week as well as houses. I am keeping them in the cupboard for the time being.

Lots of  Show and Tell this week:

A photo of Robyn Jnst.'s boot as she left this week. All for the charities we support.
You must agree it is impressive.

A baby quilt from Kerry.

Quilt for Community from Laurel.

" Crazy Hexagons" for Community from Bev.

Marie Kennedy made two churndash quilts for Robyn's charity. 

 So pretty. Love the embroidered figures.

Two baby quilts from Kerry

 Lots of hand stitching on this baby quilt from Bev.

 Bev made such a cute little dress out of pinwale corduroy. It has a pocket on the back for a little girl's treasures. The charity sends items all around Australia to those in need.

 Two cardigans from Bev. The wool is so soft and will be very welcome for warmth this winter. Also 
going to charity.

 Deb T. made this pretty quilt for a relative.

Until next week .....

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