Saturday 4 July 2020

Return to Quilting

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I have done the blog. We started back at quilting on Thursday. 16 members arrived and it was so good to see them.
We had a lovely day with lots of show and tell. We have all been busy during the lockdown.

Members who are unwell at the moment - Susan St John who is undergoing operations for cancer and Robyn Jms is not well. She will not be back for a while. Jenny has family staying and is tied up also.

Feel free to bring in your Jacobs Ladder blocks and also the Street Scenes. I will keep them in the cupboard until we have them all.

A note about our baby quilts for Westmead. The hospital is not accepting any at the moment. I am not sure when this will change but we will keep you informed.
Many were made over the lockdown so hang onto them until we know what is happening.

Meantime if you are looking for a project, make the 40" x 50" cot quilts for Robyn Jnst.'s charity. Warm quilts will be welcome in this cold weather.

We have more tables in the hall. We can safely accommodate 24 members (4 members per group) with appropriate social distancing. We have 6 groups as Meg's group has decided not to return until September.
This also leaves room for the two heavy tables to be used for pinning or laying out your work. Please liaise with your group coordinator as there may be room if you particularly want to come.

Show and Tell:

First we have a wall hanging that Elva is making for a nautical friend using Japanese Sashiko stitching.

 Two gorgeous baby quilts from Narelle.

 Iris has made two quilts from an unfinished project that was donated to us. There was a lot of unpicking involved of the original work and enough fabric to make two quilts.
Iris used free motion quilting on one of the quilts but returned to her favoured hand quilting on the other. These are for Community.

Marie G. 's quilt finished.

 A donated quilt top that Iris finished.  

 Two cot quilts

 Iris used up bits and pieces out of our cupboard for this Community quilt. Charming.

 Iris put scraps together for this Community quilt.

Until next week .....

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