Sunday 25 March 2018

Welcome News

We had a busy Show Committee Meeting this week.

A number of members have been wanting to submit two quilts for our show.

It was decided that members can submit two quilts this year. Members should specify which is their first choice and which their second.
Once all the entries are in, the Show Committee will decide which of the second preference quilts to display. Smaller quilts are preferable for this.

A reminder that entry forms are due on April 5.

Note that your first preference will definitely be displayed.

We have also requested to have a stand at the NSW Guild Show in June. Our application has been submitted. Members are encouraged to come along to help 'man' the stand for a couple of hours on the day. Many visitors to the show stop to chat and it is a fun day.

Grace returned from her holiday with a project for us. She had met a group who needed a quilt to raffle. So we are all preparing a half square triangle block in pink colours. I will post a photo when it is finished.

Upcoming quilt shows:

AQC in Melbourne April 5 - 8

Fairholme Quilters 6 - 8 April at Thornleigh Community Centre

Now for Show and Tell:

Joy showed this Community quilt that her group - the Black Wagga Group - had made. This group is very busy making Waggas for sale for our show.

Sheila made this baby quilt out of donated scraps for The Grace Centre. Very suitable for a baby boy.

Ellen is working on a quilt for her granddaughter. The backing which I will photograph when it is finished, is decorated with Unicorns - her granddaughter's favourite.

Until next week.

Sunday 18 March 2018

Another Busy Day

We have enjoyed the cooler weather and welcome rain but today the heat is back. A few girls were away on holidays.

There were reminders of upcoming quilt shows. Christie brought in a box of beautiful herbs for us to share.  Some members who have finished with books brought them in and also some fabric to share.

I didn't write the blog last week as there was only one Show and Tell.  I decided to hold it over until this week. My apology to June for not telling her that I had her photo on hold.

June's lovely quilt takes pride of place as the first one for today.

June made this very pretty quilt for the Grace Centre at Westmead Hospital. It will bring a lot of joy to the family who receives it.  I love the blending of colour in each block.

Susan H. has made two quilts for her granddaughters. They are very lucky girls. Each girl was able to choose the one they wanted. I love trees in a quilt and these ones look particularly nice.

And this is the back of the quilt. More trees. Hurray!

This one also from Susan H. has houses which I also love. Lots of colour and little things to look at in the fabrics.

And here is the back. Little bunnies running across the fabric.

Here we have a community quilt in progress. Val is hand quilting the little squares in the middle and doing a wonderful job. Val is one of our nonagenarians. Amazing!

That is all for today. Keep well and cool in the hot weather.

Sunday 4 March 2018

Community Day and Birthdays

Today was busy with lots of chatting, laughter, and busy fingers.
Our stash of quilts for Community is very low. We are often asked for quilts by charities who wish to raffle a quilt to raise funds. A quilt can provide much comfort as well as warmth. We are all endeavouring to build our stash again.
There were also a number of March birthdays. We are fortunate to have some nonagenarians as members.  All are active and make lovely quilts.

We received a donation of a full kit for a 'Star of Bethlehem' quilt. The colours are lovely. Ros has made the centre star.  It is absolutely perfect. Great work Ros. Volunteers have been called to applique the flowers for the quilt surround. It will look stunning when finished.

Another donation of fabric and a panel for a quilt started. This is another Community quilt in progress.

A charming baby quilt being made by Moina for her 3 week old great granddaughter. Moina works with the most delicate and prettiest fabric. 

All the hand stitching has been done and the quilt is ready for our stash. So many hexagons.

This is the back of the above quilt. The back of many of our quilts look just as good as the front.

Four baby quilts from Carolyn for the Grace Centre at Westmead. 

Two more baby quilts from Sue D. Such pretty fabrics.