Sunday 22 November 2020

Surprise Visit

 Hi Everyone,

Robyn J and Jonquil popped in for a visit this week. It was very good to see them. Both are looking the picture of health. They will join us from now on. We haven't seen them since the lockdown in March.

Sandy has assured me that we have the required number of quilts for Sylvanvale. Thank you to all who contributed.

As some members will not be coming to the end of year Christmas party, Sandy will bring in some of the Christmas Challenge instructions next week . Please take one for anyone you know who won't be at the Christmas lunch on December 10.

I received a copy of the Guild Template this week. You may not know that Grace is contributing the "Block of the Quarter" for this year. Any member who wants to make a block does so, and sends it in. Another group puts them together for a Charity Quilt.

There is also a listing of Proposed Shows for 2021. These include Avalon Quilters (March), Snowy Mountains Group (April), Eastwood Quilters (April), and Caroline Bay Quilters (May).

The Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair is scheduled for June 23-27, 2021. 

Show and Tell:

Sue D made a rabbit without stuffing. Her husband immediately called it Road Kill. Sue also made a couple of Road Kill throws for her grandchildren. Such fun! 

A baby quilt from Marie G.

A pretty blue and white quilt from Sheila. It is a gift for her friend.

Marie G. made this quilt for charity from bits and pieces. Unfortunately the photo is a bit wonky.
Everyone loved it.

Until next week ......

Sunday 15 November 2020

No News

 Hi Everyone,

I had no news to report this week. We were a group of 22.  I noticed there was a lot of collaboration between members. Alison helped Beryl with a serpentine quilting pattern. Robyn Jnst has finished adding eyes and noses to the 40 knitted rabbits from Ros. Others sought advice on quilts they were making. And of course lots of laughter and chatting - good for the soul.

However we had lots of Show and Tell:

Baby quilts from Carolyn. Carolyn is bringing 10 in each week as she made so many during lockdown.

Baby quilt from Judy. I made two almost the same from leftover 2 1/2" squares I had, using my favourite 9 patch block.

Sue D.'s granddaughter sewed the strips together for this baby quilt. Sue did the binding. A quilter in the making. She is only 9 years old.

Community quilt from Robyn S.

Alison made this using a pattern from Treehouse Textiles, for her grandson.

An Arkansas Crossroads pattern quilt from Alison. This is for Sylvanvale.

Another baby quilt from Sue's granddaughter.

A cot quilt from Jenny for the Womens' Refuge.

Ann made this pretty quilt for her new granddaughter. 

Bev has finished her knitted shawl. It is an intricate pattern that required over 50 stitch markers. It is so soft and warm. Bev and Helena are wonderful knitters, as is Ann.

Another cot quilt from Jenny from the Womens' Refuge.

A very special bear made by Kerry for her granddaughter. It is so soft with a lovely face. We have such clever ladies in our group. 

Until next week .......

Friday 6 November 2020

Busy Meeting

 Hi Everyone,

We had a busy day this week despite the sudden cold weather and heavy rain. The hall was a good place to be.

Our last day to meet this year will be Thursday 10 December. We will then resume on January 14 2021 to allow the appropriate time for announcement of our AGM to be held in February.

Sylvanvale Christmas quilts: We have filled the required number of 7 quilts for Women and 6 quilts for men. More quilts are underway and these will be for general Community.

Quilt NSW has announced their Special Themed category for their 2021 show - Blue and White, no cream, any blue, if patterned fabric it must read as blue, and no minimum size.

Their Sydney office is still closed. They are hoping to open again at the end of January.

I will send an email to everyone with details for our Christmas party next month. We are permitted a maximum of 34 people in the hall at the moment, with appropriate social distancing. I will be happier if we can manage to do this. We can open the side doors into the playground area if it is fine to give us more space.

If you do not intend to come to the Christmas party I would be grateful if you would let me know.

It was a treat to have a visit from Kathy this week. She and Helena had been hosting an online workshop earlier in the day. Kathy said that the whole world has opened up to us with virtual/zoom workshops. Anyone can join in and learn new techniques, find inspiration from others etc. Kathy urged us to try a virtual workshop.

Akiko is away now until next year. She is visiting her Mum in Japan. Ros has kindly agreed to step in to open the hall each week. Please see me if payment for any expenses is required.

Show and Tell:

Pretty baby quilt from Beryl R.

June's long time friend, Bronwyn, has made and donated 4 quilts. Some have been finished off by June and Iris. Apparently there are many more to come. Bronwyn's work is exquisite. She just loves making them. We are very lucky to receive so many.

Sue D. made this lovely pink quilt for Community.

Until next week ....

Sunday 1 November 2020

Lockdown Projects Completed

 Hi Everyone,

Val Nelson called in with her daughter again this week. We received rotary cutter blades, a large box of basting pins and clamps, and scissors from Val's stash. We were able to show her the baby quilt and the other quilt that had been made from her donated fabric.

Val was pleased to catch up with Robyn, Marie and June.

Grace has finished sewing the Street project from our lockdown blocks as well as the Star blocks. You will agree that the quilt really looks good. We will hang the Street quilt in the hall for us all to admire.

After quilting on Thursday, five of us walked over to check out one of the HH Council's initiatives - The Yarn Space. We had been booked from 2 pm but on arrival, meetings were being held and we weren't able to stay. We were however given a brief talk about the facility. It is a space that can be booked by the community for yoga, storytime, baby bounce sessions, and upcoming village talks and workshops. 

Council has an agreement with Lane Cove library for a click and collect system for books to borrow.

One handy addition for locals is items such as used printer cartridges, plastic, batteries,and various items for recycling can be dropped into the bins in the space. 

I don't think it is particularly suitable for our needs but it was interesting.

Show and Tell:

Ros has made 40 knitted rabbits. Here are three waiting for their noses and eyes to be sewn on.

Three baby quilts from Jenny

Baby quilt from June

Two from Grace 

Cot quilt from June for the Womens Refuge

Community quilt from Ros

Cutest little Halloween pin cushion made by Helen's daughter, Susie.

 Our Lockdown Street quilt. Terrific! Thank you Grace.

The Lockdown Star quilt. This will be for Community. It always amazes me that our blocks, all worked on independently and with few instructions, always come together and look great. Thanks you Grace and Sandy for finishing this one.

Until next week ......