For New Members

The Hunters Hill Quilt group began in 1982 and has expanded from meeting in each other's homes to the large group of 60+ that it is today.
The group meets every Thursday at Fairland Hall, Church Street, Hunters Hill: 10am -2pm
To get maximum benefit from a group such as this, new members should have completed a basic quilting class before joining.
All members are given a membership list. There is a regular newsletter. Workshops and day trips are organised, as well as an annual retreat.

Community Day 

The 1st Thursday of the month is community quilts day. This day starts at 10.30am.
The community days are an opportunity to learn new skills and at the same time to make quilts together for designated charities.
The coordinator will explain what is planned and what to bring prior to community day.
All techniques are catered for.
The day is usually busy and full of fun - a modern quilting bee!
It is a very rewarding and moving experience when one participates in the handing over of the quilts.

Membership Fees

The fees are $120 per year, paid in February. If you join after July, or reside out of town, the fees are pro rata.

Biennial Quilt Shows

An exhibition is held every 2 years. All members are encouraged to participate.
Two raffle quilts are made by the members during the preceding 2 years.
The funds raised are donated to charity.
Members may offer quilts for sale.

The Library 

There is a small library of books on patchwork and quilting.
The library books may be borrowed and taken home for periods of 2-3 weeks.
There is a card index with a card for each book and if you wish to take out a book, you should mark it out on the appropriate card and mark it back when you return it.
The books on the shelves and the card index box are arranged alphabetically by title.
There is a subscription to the "Template" from the Guild.
It is suggested that if there is something in any of the books or magazines which interests you and which you may wish to have for reference, that you photocopy the appropriate page.

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