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Hunters Hill Quilters meet every Thursday at Fairland Hall in Hunters Hill for 4 hours of stitching from 10.30am.

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Friday, 14 June 2019

Lots of members still travelling ...

So, Iris on Blog this week. 

Jenny reminded us that the QuiltNSW Show is on next week, Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd at the Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.     Five days of all things quilting, stitching and crafting. 

Excellent progress with the traditional raffle quilt:   Christie and her team of helpers, ironed, then ironed again, went shopping for wadding and then got down to the job of pinning it all together. 

Show and Tell: 

Marie K has been super busy this week, with three quilts for show and tell:

This little cutie for the Grace Centre Newborns

These two 'toddler-size' quilts for Robyn Jo to deliver to Amelia House

Note the counting theme!

Chickens are in!

Although we call ourselves a 'quilt' group ...   just look at the other various 'stitching' activities in progress on Thursday:

Happy stitching, until next  week.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

June Community Day

It was an exciting day for the Hunters Hill Quilters to see Christie putting the raffle quilt together and there was lots of Show and Tell.
Sheila has finished her knotted rag rug...
Sheila's knotted rag rug
Beryl R. who broke her finger a few weeks ago, needed something to do so she made a quilt for Barry the Dog who we are told is not terribly fussy about the quality of the quilting:

Beryl B. has made this stunning Millefiori quilt without using any papers...
Millefiori Quilt by Beryl R.
 Then there were lots of baby quilts for the Grace Centre from Carolyn, Alison, and her friend Annie...
Baby quilt by Carolyn
Baby quilt by Carolyn
Baby quilt by Carolyn
Baby quilt by Carolyn

Baby quilt by Alison
Baby quilt by Alison

Baby quilt by Annie
Baby quilt by Annie

Baby quilt by Annie

Baby quilt by Annie
Baby quilt by Annie and Alison
Baby quilt by Annie and Alison

Monday, 3 June 2019

A busy day at the office

Hello Everyone,
Alison here. I thought that the blog was a bit late this week and then remembered that I an responsible for it while Judy is away. 
It was a very busy day, perhaps because the cool weather is here at last and we feel more like quilting.
All the blocks for the traditional raffle quilt are finished and some of us are putting them together this week. It promises to be absolutely beautiful.
Sally admired a quilt that Carolyn was making and was overjoyed when Carolyn presented it as a gift to her on Thursday. As Kathy commented, it looks like something that Sally would make but it would take 20 years:
Quilt by Carolyn

Closeup showing the tiny hexagons
We also have some baby quilts for the Grace Center made by Bev and Lindy
Baby quilt by Bev

Baby quilt by Lindy

Another baby quilt by Lindy