Sunday 23 June 2019

QuiltNSW Show

Hi Everyone,

I'm back from holidays! Thanks to Jenny for standing in for me and also Alison and Iris for keeping the blog going.
We had a lovely trip but it is always good to get home and back to normal. One thing that I was particularly happy to see everywhere was the effort to recycle plastics and paper etc. and the number of wind farms we flew over.

The QuiltNSW show is on this weekend. I spent most of Friday there. There are some amazing quilts on display. Catherine Butterworth won Best in Show and what a quilt!
I sat in on one of her talks where she described her process and thinking and came away full of ideas as well as wonder at her creativity.
It took her 11 months to make and it is really wonderful.

Iris had some news for us.

* You may remember that a few weeks back we gave some cot quilts to the CWA in the Pilliga called Come By Chance.
We received a copy of their newsletter in which they thanked us for our donation.

* Sally from the Hornsby Women's shelter has requested 18 single bed sized quilts for the month of August. We have 6 in the cupboard. So get stitching everyone.
If you have any at home, please make sure they are freshly washed and labelled.

* Iris also mentioned that the price of batting has gone up considerably. We have found a new supplier.
This means that we will no longer 'sell' any batting to our members. It will all be used for Community quilts.
The new batting is an 80:20 cotton poly and wider and costs $27/metre.


Suzie Lord spent most of last week cleaning out the kitchen cupboard. All the cups were thoroughly cleaned. Please make sure that you use hot water and soap when washing the cups. This is particularly appropriate during this winter cold and flu season.

Show and Tell:

 A baby quilt from Jenny

A tiny sample of our Traditional Raffle Quilt for our show next year. It is a beauty! Thank you to Christie who has done a lot of the work to get the quilt to this stage.
Please volunteer to help with the hand quilting.

And that's all folks for this week .........

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