Sunday 4 March 2018

Community Day and Birthdays

Today was busy with lots of chatting, laughter, and busy fingers.
Our stash of quilts for Community is very low. We are often asked for quilts by charities who wish to raffle a quilt to raise funds. A quilt can provide much comfort as well as warmth. We are all endeavouring to build our stash again.
There were also a number of March birthdays. We are fortunate to have some nonagenarians as members.  All are active and make lovely quilts.

We received a donation of a full kit for a 'Star of Bethlehem' quilt. The colours are lovely. Ros has made the centre star.  It is absolutely perfect. Great work Ros. Volunteers have been called to applique the flowers for the quilt surround. It will look stunning when finished.

Another donation of fabric and a panel for a quilt started. This is another Community quilt in progress.

A charming baby quilt being made by Moina for her 3 week old great granddaughter. Moina works with the most delicate and prettiest fabric. 

All the hand stitching has been done and the quilt is ready for our stash. So many hexagons.

This is the back of the above quilt. The back of many of our quilts look just as good as the front.

Four baby quilts from Carolyn for the Grace Centre at Westmead. 

Two more baby quilts from Sue D. Such pretty fabrics.

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