Friday 18 March 2022

Lots of show and tell

 This is Iris on 'blog' this week as Judy spends time in Melbourne with family.

We had 23 members today,  looking more like pre-covid days and as always lots of chatter, things to share and some stitching, as well.

The Quilt Show Entry forms for our August show are now ready.  Judy has sent them out by email and if you don't have a printer, hard copies are available.   All financial and life members can enter two quilts - 2nd choice will be hung based on availability of space.

Show and tell:

Marie K made this dazzler for community: it really sparkles

Marie G. used her stash to make this fun scrappy quilt, which will be given to a friend.

...   and all quilted on her domestic machine !   Marie admitted that all the twisting 
and turning left her with a very sore shoulder  for a few days.

Then we saw this beauty by Robyn Ja.  - all hand pieced and quilted

My photography does not do it justice:   it glowed and the work involved left many of us speechless

Alison was asked to 'dress' another puppet.  The brief was to create a replica of an entertainer, Brad, as suppled in a photo.   Alison said it took her three attempts to get the jeans the perfect fit, as per the photo.

For members who are not  Facebook users,  this is a photo that I posted on Facebook today which I received from Dragonfly Midwifes:  adorable twins wrapped in one of our blankets.

That's all,   have a good weekend and Judy will be back next week.    Cheers, Iris

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