Friday 28 January 2022

Second Week Back

 Hi Everyone,

We had a small group at quilting again this week. Now that school holidays are over we may see more members next time.

We all enjoy catching up with each others' news so the noise level doesn't diminish.

QuiltNSW News:

Quilt NSW has split from their association with Expertise Events. They are working towards having their own separate show and are looking for a suitable venue.This year is their 40th anniversary. Their intention is to revitalise the show. 

Their show has never been about making money. Like all quilt shows the aim is to showcase members' creative talents. 

We look forward to their decision.

Show and Tell:

Carolyn didn't bring her standard 10 quilts this week and no one had anything ready to show.

However Suzie saved the day. She has put together all our windmill blocks from the lockdown and made this beautiful quilt below. It will be for sale at our show in August.

Most of you will have already seen it on our WhatsApp.

Until next week ......

Saturday 22 January 2022

Welcome to 2022

 Hi Everyone,

A new year and a busy one ahead for us as we prepare for our show in August.

15 quilters came on Thursday. Not a lot of sewing was done but we all had plenty of news to catch up on.

It was an enjoyable meeting. We had an email from Sue D who is currently in London with her family. It was good to hear from her. She missed her sewing so much she has bought a machine to use while she is away.

We also welcomed a new member - Jane - who is looking forward to making quilts for charity.

AGM reminder: Our AGM will be held on 17 February at 12 noon.

Show and Tell:

Marie G. made these two lovely quilts for the Womens' Refuge:

Pamela was very busy during lockdown. The six quilts below are from her. Grace did the quilting on some Pamela hand quilted as well.

17 baby quilts. 2 from Beryl R, 5 from Alison, 10 from Carolyn

Until next week ....

Sunday 12 December 2021

End of Year

 Hi Everyone,

After another disruptive year it is time to farewell 2021 and look ahead to 2022.

The quilts for Charity have been delivered. Bear Cottage were particularly pleased with the 8 Teenage Boys' quilts. They are usually receive pink quilts and the boys miss out. 

If you are looking for a project over the break perhaps think about making a teenage boy's quilt.

Size is slightly larger than single bed - approx. 60" x 78".

Christmas Party starting at 11 a.m.

Next week will be our final meeting for the year and our Christmas Party.

What to bring:

A plate for yourself.

A glass for drink.

A plate of food to share with everyone.

A Christmas hat - the most outrageous, beautiful or crazy as you like. The best will win a prize.

We will resume meetings on 20 January 2022.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and look forward to a busy year in 2022.

Show and Tell:

5 Baby quilts from Carolyn

Two quilts from Carolyn , both quilted by Jenny

A baby quilt from Sheila

Until 2022 .....

Monday 6 December 2021


 Hi Everyone,

Another enjoyable meeting this week. Discussion about Christmas lunch, vacuuming the floor after each meeting and of course lots of chatter.

Sandy has been busy sorting the many quilts ready for donation.

Jenny had an idea for our Christmas challenge which she is going to detail on our WhatsApp group.


* Iris is taking 6 quilts to the Hornsby Womens' Refuge.

* Sandy is taking 8 quilts to Bear Cottage.

* Susan H is delivering 8 quilts to a Womens' refuge in a local Parish area.

Show and Tell:

Three from Iris.

Quilt using scraps from the cupboard by the Orange Group.

Pretty Flowers from Robyn S.

A Bonny Hunter design from Jenny.

Two below from Susan D.

Until next week ....

Monday 29 November 2021

Welcome Back

 It was so nice to see everyone on Thursday. It has been such a long time!

Christmas Party:

We will hold our Christmas Party on 16 December which will also be our last meeting for the year.

I think we will have the same arrangement as last year for the tables in our regular groups. You will still be able to visit others of course. 

Robyn Jnst has taken over from June for the Christmas game. Robyn has asked that those who want to participate, should wear a decorated hat. These will be judged by everyone. I assume most will have a Christmas theme but that is not necessary. I look forward to amazing creations from you all.

Dragonfly Midwifery:

Westmead does not require any more baby quilts this year. However Westmead is happy for us to supply baby quilts to this Aboriginal group for Mums and babies in their care.

They are not strict about the cotton wadding so you will be able to use some of your other wadding pieces.

Please attach a label so we can distinguish which are for Westmead and those for Dragonfly Midwifery. A small piece of paper attached with a safety pin will suffice. Robyn and Iris delivered 15 quilts to them at the end of October.

Council has asked that we be vigilant checking for pins and needles left on the floor as well as cake!  I doubt that we are the 'cake' group but keep in mind anyway.

Thank you to Ann for vacuuming on Thursday.

AGM for 2021 will be held on 17 February 2022.

Show and Tell:

There was so much Show and Tell this week that it was impossible to keep up. Our group has been very busy over the break. Below is a sample of many. There were 22 baby quilts, Jenny had made a number of quilts for Community - all machine quilted on her new long-arm. Ten quilts were for Robyn's charity.
Ros made another 40 teddies. 

Until next week  ........

Friday 6 August 2021

Quilting in lockdown

Iris here,    we all know that lockdown does not stop us from sewing.   

During last lockdown we had sewing challenges.  Remember Jenny's Jacob's ladder and Grace's Our house in lockdown challenge, this time Suzie has set the challenge:  6-inch pinwheels.

Rules and directions  ...  

Each block is made with 4 Flying Geese using a variety of florals and contrasting plains stitched with white or white-on-white.   (Not creams)     The picture says it better than me.

Suzie's cutting instructions are,  White - 4 x (2 x 3 1/2) inches,  Florals - 4 x (2 x 3 1/2) inches and contrasting plains - 8 x 2inch squares.      When using the flip method to make the Flying Geese, trim the extra layers.   Use the picture to make sure that the blocks have the correct rotation.

(Note - any mistakes in these instructions are most likely mine,  not Suzie's) 

Though our 'What's App' chat, many blocks are already made,  but Alison sewed for Gold with 35 blocks!  

Kerry shared this map of her daily travel journey in lockdown .....

and a friend of mine,  sent me this guide to Travel in 2021.    Enjoy

And as I'm here,  a plug for our facebook page.   Please, click below to  come and 'like' or 'follow' our new page, updated frequently with news and pictures of our activity  💝

                                                          Our Facebook Page

Stay safe, everyone.

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Check out our new Facebook Page

Several months ago, hackers caused havoc with our 5-year old  Facebook page.  Despite all efforts to fix the problem,  we eventually had to make the decision to move-on and create a new page.    We would love to see our 500 friends and followers back with us.

Our new page is       

(Our previous page was called  HuntersHillQuiltersNSW,   we dropped the NSW)

Please come and join us again.     

Covid lockdown may stop our physical meetings,  but doesn't stop our creative activities

Our latest Facebook post included this picture of Ros's 36 Teddies and the story behind them  ...

Thank you,    Iris,

HuntersHillQuilters,   Facebook Administrator.