Saturday 22 January 2022

Welcome to 2022

 Hi Everyone,

A new year and a busy one ahead for us as we prepare for our show in August.

15 quilters came on Thursday. Not a lot of sewing was done but we all had plenty of news to catch up on.

It was an enjoyable meeting. We had an email from Sue D who is currently in London with her family. It was good to hear from her. She missed her sewing so much she has bought a machine to use while she is away.

We also welcomed a new member - Jane - who is looking forward to making quilts for charity.

AGM reminder: Our AGM will be held on 17 February at 12 noon.

Show and Tell:

Marie G. made these two lovely quilts for the Womens' Refuge:

Pamela was very busy during lockdown. The six quilts below are from her. Grace did the quilting on some Pamela hand quilted as well.

17 baby quilts. 2 from Beryl R, 5 from Alison, 10 from Carolyn

Until next week ....

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