Thursday 25 May 2023

Hi Everyone,

Another day at quilting saw the Blue group’s finished collaboration of a quilt for Community and also 12 baby quilts were completed. Our members are always busy on quilting projects which makes my Thursday a day of joy seeing the progression of work in the room.

Hunters Hill Quilters was thanked for the baby quilts that were handed out to new Mums on Mother’s Day on the Little Wonder RPA Instagram account. One new family wrote a response of thanks for the beautiful gift and how it made a new Mum feel super special.

Some more investigation is being done before we finalise and announce the Charity for our 2024 show.

Heather delivered the 3 Community quilts and 1 from Marie K to Blue & Yellow Hearts.

Show & Tell
Baby quilt made by Beryl

Owls this week from Christie

10 baby quilts from Carolyn

Community quilt completed by the Blue group

😀Next week is Community Day and we will be starting the Raffle quilt.
😀Retreat Weekend  in October please add your name to the list ASAP.

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy.

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