Thursday 20 April 2023

20th April

 Hi Everyone,

What a morning we had being locked out of the hall only to find out a flat battery was the cause! Thank you for being so understanding and waiting in the rain for the hall to be opened by Council.

Show Committee Meeting is next Thursday 27th April at 1:30pm

There are a few positions vacant on the Show Committee if you are interested in taking up a role please come and join us. This is a rewarding opportunity, as our Quilt Show is a time to showcase our quilting skills, raise money for charity and connecting with our local community. Please remember to submit your suggestions for a Judge and a Charity in writing to Alison or myself.

Show & Tell

Jenny completed two quilts for Community - one from a lockdown challenge and the other was made from Jenny’s collection of 2.5 inch squares. Dawn made a cheerful blue and yellow baby quilt.  Our 2022 Christmas Challenge quilt was completed by Iris who selected the quilt design for us to complete over the holiday break. It is amazing what you can do with a jelly roll that was gifted to us, thanks Sybil.

2 Community Quilts completed by Jenny

Baby Quilt by Dawn

Christmas Challenge 2022 Quilt completed by Iris

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy.

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