Saturday 30 July 2016

28/7/16 TWO WEEKS TO GO!

Great excitement as we count down to the 17th Biennial Hunters Hill Quilters Show!
The second last meeting went very well. Lots of loose ends tied neatly off.
Well done to the whole committee and Meg for her leadership.
Opening Night tickets will still be on sale this week, so don't miss out. Tickets will be on sale at the door, but the more pre-sales the better.
Bring your raffle tickets and money and any unsold ones to Judy G this week please.

Suzie L was asking if anyone has a baby cot, nice wooden one, for the stage display. Give her a call if you can help out there.
See the 'show reminders' email for a full list of things to organise, think about and bring.

We had a visitor from America who sat in with the group this week. We had been recommended to her, so she thought she'd take a look. You were very welcome indeed Glenda!

Thanks to all those who assisted with making morning tea time happen in one way or another, and thanks everyone for washing up your cups. A special mention to Akiko who did a complete wash-up before she left! With a bit of cooperation we muddled through somehow.


Robyn J showed this lovely quilt which she has made for her daughter. It's called "Castle Wall". She will use the design as our next traditional quilt pattern for 2018. I think it will be stunning, just like this one!


Maree K showed this delightful little quilt destined  for the Grace Centre. It's a beauty.


Our American visitor Glenda showed a quilt top she has made. Not her usual colours she said, but it's very nice indeed. Well done!


Heather gave us a preview of her show quilt which she is still quilting. There are a few girls still working away on theirs. I'm sure you'll all make it. No worries!*?!#*! Seriously though, this one is looking amazing as always Heather. Well done!


And I just snapped Deb I working on something fabulous. Not a show one I don't think. Looking good however. So colourful!


So there you have it. Another week of fun, pleasure and beauty! What more could one want?
See you next week for the final wrap up before we launch!
Enjoy the gorgeous sunshine.........

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