Sunday 7 August 2016


Yes, we're there! All is in readiness for our 17th Biennial Show, and we can't wait.
During these last few days, keep talking to friends and neighbours, keep distributing flyers and if you have Facebook or Instagram, keep passing on and sharing our promotional material. I'm sure it will all make a difference in the success of numbers. Thanks everyone for all the effort in preparing the show.

Obviously the Fairland Hall will be deserted next Wednesday, 11th August, because we'll all be at the Town Hall setting up and preparing for Opening Night. If by any chance something we need has been left at Fairland, just see myself or Meg and we will arrange for someone to go down and open it for you. I'm confident that most people took whatever will be needed last Thursday before we locked up.


Not a great deal to share this week as we are slightly preoccupied! But here are a few pieces which were on display.

Val has made a gorgeous baby quilt for The Grace Centre, which is reversible. It's really charming Val. Well done.



Susan D showed us a quilt she used as therapy while she went through her cancer treatments. It gave her something else to focus on. An excellent approach, and a lovely result.


Fran C showed us a quilt top made from  Kaffe Fassett fabrics which came from America. Very nice subtle effects Fran. It will look lovely on a bed, and is a good size for that as well!


Thanks all for the massive effort over the last few months. There will be plenty to see and share on the blog during the show, so watch this space! Have fun!

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