Monday 22 August 2016


Yes, all the hard work is behind us, and it was well worth the effort. We basked in the success of our show and enjoyed chatting about everything that had happened during the four days. 
Plans were already being discussed for next time, and as always we learn from what we've done and improve on it as well. 

Next week the committee will meet to do a detailed feedback and wrap-up of the show, and the hall will be re-booked for 2018!

Congratulations quilters on your beautiful work. So many visitors commented on the quality and variety of Hunters Hill Quilters skills, especially this year. 

We were delighted to welcome two new members this week. Christy and Janet joined us, and will officially join this week we hope. Welcome ladies. 

We don't miss a beat, and here are some SHOW AND TELL items to prove that we keep creating.

Jenny showed us a quilt top she has put together from a pack bought at the Material Obsession shop at the show. Quick work! It's a lovely new range which I notice a few girls are giving a try. Show us again when it's finished Jenny! It's looking great.


Beryl R showed this sweet baby quilt she has made for the Grace Centre. Very cute fabrics. Thanks Beryl. Thank you.


And Iris showed this quilt which has been called "Laurel's Rose Garden" because of fabric donated by Laurel. It will go into the community collection. 


Here is a shot 'pinched' from Facebook, of Joy standing beside one of her waggas. It was sold at the show, and the buyer was so impressed she posted this shot of Joy and the quilt. Very nice Joy, and a very happy customer!

Cheers everyone. See you soon again.

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