Sunday 14 August 2016

Last day of a most successful 2016 Show

A day of sunshine, city to surf and enthusiastic visitors: a perfect end to a very successful show.

City to Surf first:  Akiko,  with her Hunters Hill Quilt Show Flyer,  was a front runner at the city to surf, running fast to get back to her Quilting Waitressing job.    Congratulations Akiko.

The raffle was drawn by Narelle:  a pretty large bag of raffle slips.

The winners were very much 'in-house' with   Ros's cousin coming first and choosing Licquorice Allsorts and second was Robyn James's daughter Lisa,  who received her mum's design - Circles of the Past.  

But the BIG winner was Helena:  a clear choice.  Both the Viewers and the Members voted for Helena 's 'My MO BOM Journey'.  Congratulation Helena  ..  a very popular decision (and I didn't have a full picture !!) .

Elva and Meg took time to say a huge thankyou to everyone who was involved in the organisation and the sheer work involved in putting together a three day quilt show:

A beautiful story and picture to end the post:   while I was quilting in the Stitching Lounge two little girls (10 year old twins) were watching me intently.  We chatting about what I was doing and then I asked if they would like to try  ...  the picture says it all

Lots to chat about on Thursday  ...  enjoy a few days of rest and gentle sewing  ..   Iris

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