Saturday 2 July 2016

June is now gone ..

Elva was participating in a special grandparents day at school,  so Grace was responsible for  midday news, and it is Iris here on 'blog' duty.

As previously discussed,  the Group Display Space at the Guild NSW quilt show was an excellent success.  It was an excellent opportunity  to 'show off' the work that we do for Community and to spread the word about our Quilt Show.   One of the most photographed quilts was Silk Fans by the Orange Community Group.   It will be featured on our  Quilt Show Face Book page this weekend - look out for it, like it and share it !

Meg and I spent some time with Dr. Elizabeth Scott on Thursday morning.  We couldn't help but be totally inspired by her passion for promoting and maintaining mental wellness in young people. She acknowledged that community support like ours is vital to drive treatment for our young people in this long neglected area of health care.

Memo to the Show Coordinators - meeting next week - 9,30 am.    6 weeks to go !

Lots of Show and Tell ...

Jenny and Alison have both participated in a Block of the month with a Sue Daley design through Busy Fingers.   Both quilt tops were examined in detail  .. they looked fabulous!   Both expressed their love of the designs and papers etc. from Sue Daley,  but were not so complimentary on the value/cost of the Block of the Month.

Each block is the same  ..  but the variance in the colours and patterns of the fabrics made them look quite different.

It must be almost show time,  because the production line for Waggas is working overtime:

'Foxes' from Gil  ...  who now has the 'Foxy lady' reputation
Check out the fox with the glasses.

Perfect quilting by Robyn S.

Love the Turquoise from Grace: with perfect matching turquoise backing

And finally a new show and tell from Marie K.:  I don't think this was a 'whipped up in a weekend' job.    

And advice from Dr. Scott  ... keep stitching and quilting - it is excellent for your mental health    ...  have a good sewing week.    Iris

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