Sunday 17 July 2016


Yes, we're getting very close to the show.
Rosters were out again today, with plenty of gaps waiting to be filled. So many little tasks to be done to get the show ready and run it smoothly once it starts. Thanks to those who have already signed up.

If you find yourself free during your time at the show, just approach myself, Meg or Narelle and we can assign you to help out wherever there's a gap. Thanks.

Sheets were also available at Suzie, Robyn and Merlyn's table to record details of quilts you wish to sell on the stage. Also on the sheet you can record other goods you have been working on for stage sales.
This information will help the girls organise and price everything in advance.

Judy announced that opening night tickets are now available. Members and their partners of course do not pay, but you or they need to pay for any guests you bring. 

We welcomed a new member this week. Her name is Sue and she is a friend of Meg and Lyn. Lovely to see a new face Sue. Enjoy!

There will be a show meeting for all committee people this coming Thursday, 21st July at 9.30am.


Robyn J showed two quilts which will be for sale on the stage at the show.
The first was made from prize fabric won at the show a few years ago, and very nice it is too.


The second has very interesting fabric behind the dinosaurs. It will definitely be snapped up!


Here's a few close-ups of foxes on Gil's latest Wagga (also for the show of course). They are looking spectacular. The waggas are going to be even more popular than ever this year. You girls have outdone yourselves!




Maree K has also gone a bit foxy, (as well as other creatures) in her latest baby size quilt. Very cute indeed.


I managed to snap this quickly. It is a close-up of yet another gorgeous Wagga - this one by Grace. Beautiful range of colours in the fabric, and look at that spectacular wool stitching! Love it.


And lastly, another quickly snapped gem by Carolyn D. This is a piece of Boro work. Some of you might have seen the display at the Guild Show of Boro fabric. Often used in clothing and of course quilts. Carolyn says this will probably be a wall hanging. Akiko explained to us that Boro in Japanese means 'worn out', but I'd always thought it was a version of the word borrow, as in handing on scraps of unwanted fabric. Very interesting. Can't wait to have a go at it. Might need some advice Carolyn. Maybe a workshop idea?!


Well, nice to see a bit of sun at last. Enjoy the weekend all.
See you next week.

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