Sunday 10 July 2016


A very detailed meeting was held to iron out the finer points of show preparation. It's now time for everyone to step up and put their names down for volunteer work during the show weekend. 
Narelle had the kitchen and other rosters spread out on the tables, and thanks to all those who signed up for the many jobs that need doing. That's what we need!

Plenty of our beautiful flyers are still in the cupboard waiting to be distributed. If you have given a bunch to shops, just check if they need a top-up. There are also some laminated A4 posters ready for display wherever appropriate. See Iris for those. 

Please keep selling raffle tickets right up till the show. See Judy for more tickets. Every little bit helps in boosting our profits. 

Suzie L would like information at this point about the stage sales. A sheet will be going around next week asking for sizes of quilts for sale (eg cot, single bed, double etc). Also numbers and types of other products which people have made for sale on the stage. This will assist the stage sales girls to organise and price everything. Many thanks for all your efforts in making these bits and pieces for the stage. We always make a good sum there to contribute to the overall tally. If you won't be at group next week, just email the details of your products to either Suzie or me and it will be added to the list.
Much appreciated!

There will be another Show meeting on Thursday, 21st July at 9.30am. A very hard-working committee are flat chat getting all preparatory jobs done so that the event can run smoothly and be a great success once again. Thank you committee people. Your efforts are much appreciated. 


Just a couple of quilts on show this week.

Grace showed this Wagga being prepared for the show. There really are going to be some beauties this show! Thanks also to the girls who assisted in making up Wagga packs ready for the show. Well done!


Jess showed this quilt in the process of being hand-quilted. The fabric on this side is from Prince Charming. The fabric on the other side is a beautiful collection of blues! Looking spectacular.



Enjoy the improving weather! 
Brace yourselves for the final push towards our fabulous Show!

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