Saturday 28 November 2015

Lots of Donations ...

After a fun and relaxing holiday,  Elva then 'caught a bug',  so as it took three of us to 'fill in' for her at news time on Thursday,  we hope Elva gets better soon !  

Helena gave the general weekly news;  a lovely letter from Adrienne, obviously settling very comfortably into her new home,   new Templates now in the library and shopping for Stepping Stone House will be completed by Grace and team on Tuesday.  So Grace will be looking for volunteer 'wrappers' next week,


Anna from Hunters Hill and Ryde Community Services (HHRCS) visited to collect two quilt donations.    We have been supporting this group for a few years now and it was very interesting to hear from Anna, just how many various support groups operate out of the HHRCS.  

One of the quilts will be given to one of the many volunteers who generously give of their time, and the other will be raffled to raise funds for the Brain Injury Support Program.

'All Stars' by Marie G.

'Diamonds are forever' by Pamela R.

We also selected seven quilts to be delivered to Stepping Stone House with their Christmas parcels and hamper.

Impressive 'pile'  -   check out the Community Page to see pictures of all seven quilts.

I can report that our community 'stash' cupboard is almost empty:  only six quilts left.

Christmas Party time:  10th December

12 noon, with plate of finger food, a glass for some bubbles, raffle blocks and if you wish a donation for the Christmas hamper for Stepping Stone House.

Kitchen Duty

Remember, as a condition of membership,  every member has a responsibility to be 'Morning Tea Hostess'  two mornings each year. Helpful instructions on 'what to do' are available - chat with any committee member if you are unsure of what is expected and would like a copy.

Vienna Cottage:

We missed out on a Christmas shopping day with Colleen: an oversight !  However, next weekend Colleen and many others will be at the  Vienna Cottage Christmas Boutique.   

2016 Quilt Show:

An update from the Quilt Show committee meeting confirmed that all is progressing according to schedule.   A suggestion to everyone from Suzie, who is coordinating the 'Stage Quilts for sale', that if you would like to sell a quilt at the show,  the most needed will be larger quilts.

Show and Tell:

Two cute cot quilts for the Grace Centre:   both by Susan D.  

and Val has finished another cot quilt  ...

Robyn S. has been working on six of these beautiful blocks for Adrienne's William Morris quilt:  Only one shown here,  but six were completed.    The finest machine applique - just like Adrienne's.

And, not shown at Show and Tell,  but I spied this quilt, which needed to be shared.   Recently finished by Marie G. - quote, 'Just using up my florals'. 

A long post,  but lots of good things.     Have a good sewing week ..  Cheers Iris

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