Saturday 21 November 2015

'Naming Day' Thursday ...

Iris on blog-duty this week as Elva enjoys some holiday time.

An important decision had to be made this week - the 2016 Traditional Raffle quilt was totally finished, on display and ready to be named.  Several names were suggested but the most votes went to  ........

  Circles of the Past.

Sharyn from the Lord Mayor's Picnic organisation came to collect Zoophoria:  it was interesting to hear from Sharyn the incredible amount of effort and coordination that takes places to stage the event on New Year's Eve.  


A memory trip back to 12 months ago when Sharyn came to collect Fantasia  for last years picnic: 

Fantasia:  circa 2014

and how it was displayed behind perspex at the picnic  ....

Carl R. also popped in to visit on Thursday,  bringing with him two shopping bags of quilting books. They are being shared around.  

There is still time to donate to Stepping Stone House:  Grace and her shopping team will not be shopping for another couple of weeks.

Progress is being made on Adrienne's quilts - Robyn Jo brought in the completed corners of the wedding quilt.

Lindy was the only person to produce some Show and Tell on Thursday:  a wagga in progress. Lining up those diamonds in woollen fabric is no mean feat !

Keep stitching  ...  see you next week,  Cheers Iris

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