Saturday 14 November 2015

NOVEMBER 12th 2015

A good size group at HHQ today. Perhaps the weather is encouraging. 

We were glad to hear that Doreen is in rehab and progressing well. Visitors are now possible, so contact Natalie to arrange the best time. 

Iris has finished the quilting of the Zoo quilt, and the result is a delight. Well done everyone, and particularly Iris for all your preparation, guidance and hard work pulling it all together. The matching bag is a wonderful final touch!



Hayley has, as promised, donated her 'Dolly and Me' pattern to the group. In addition, she has donated enough fabric for the entire background. After discussion with Jackie and Iris, it was decided that both these items should live with the Community resources rather than the library, and in that way we can keep the fabric with the patterns. Remember also that each panel can be done individually, so the possibilities are endless! Thanks Hayley.

Grace outlined the donations we will prepare for Stepping Stone House this year. The collections for this were begun on Thursday and will continue each week. Thanks to Grace for coordinating this once again.

Suzie has requested large, medium and some small paper bags, free of labels and logos, to be used for the stage sales at the show next August. If we could all have a search and bring any we have over the next months, she would be grateful.


Heather showed us a panel which came from 'Spoonflower' in the USA. These can be ordered on line apparently. Heather plans making these calendars up as gifts for friends. Interesting......



Norma showed us her baby quilt for donation to the Grace Centre collection. Very sweet, thank you Norma.


Maree K showed a gorgeous hexi quilt, which she says is for her! Good one! Lovely fabrics and beautifully quilted by Susan SJ.


So I leave you with these lovely items to enjoy. I'll see you all in two weeks when I return from a short holiday.
Cheers, Elva

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