Saturday 7 November 2015

November Community Day

Iris on blog duty as Elva takes a 'not feeling 100%'  health break.   On Thursday,  Grace gave us the news of the day.

News updates:

  • Grace has made contact with Stepping Stone House regarding Christmas plans:  contributions can be made to Grace from next week.
  • I have hard copies of the Christmas Party Raffle instructions if you need them.
  • Grace has an excess of furniture to give away:  Dressing table top,  small table and a blanket box.  Have a chat with her if you are interested.
  • Doreen is still not well,  but making small positive progress.  No visitors yet, because of infections.   Thank you Sally for keeping us informed.

The new cutting machine:  

Our experienced 'strippers',  Jenny and Helen, got many people enthused and there was lots of interest as many strips were cut.  Ros and Narelle have already started working on a quilt using the strips:

Pincushions by the dozens:   

Creative work in progress by Suzie and Susan in preparation for 2016 Quilt Show.

Community work:   Adrienne's quilts

Volunteers were found to start work on completing Adrienne's three beautiful quilts:   a daunting job, Adrienne's exquisite work is a hard act to follow, so thank you.    

Show and Tell;

Jackie was shy to show off her completed Japanese-lantern  style quilt:  the whole quilt and the detail:

Helen showed her completed quilt, celebrating travels in  London and Paris.  

Happy sewing until next week,, when hopefully we will see Elva back to good health.     Iris  ...

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