Sunday 6 December 2015

Last sewing day for 2015

Elva is still fighting the flue bug so it is Iris in blog-land again.   Elva,  we all hope you can 'kick' that bug before next week.

Stepping Stone House:    The main focus on Thursday was Christmas present wrapping.   Grace and her team of shoppers, with knowledgeable assistance from Judy's son had a very successful day, matching presents to the briefs received on each of the four young people currently at Stepping Stone House.

The end result  ....

These parcels, together with 7 quilts and a Christmas hamper will be delivered by Grace to Stepping Stone House before Christmas.      We have been supporting Stepping Stone House in this way since 2000.

2016 Show Challenge:   Make sure you have the information on the 2016 Show Challenge:  Soft copies were emailed and hard copies are available from Grace.   These cot quilts need to be finished by 6/5/2016 for an in-house exhibition.

Show and Tell ;   I finally finished the quilt top that I was working on at the retreat - now ready for quilting.

 and the back  ....  

Last piece of news - Doreen is now at home, still weak but making slow progress.

Christmas 'end-of-year' party next week, 12 noon:  don't forget, a plate to share, a glass for bubbly, your 'raffle' blocks and if you wish, a contribution to the Stepping Stone House hamper.   See you then.  Cheers Iris

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