Thursday 17 December 2015

CHRISTMAS PARTY - Thursday 10th December. Final meeting for 2015

It was a great turn out for our 2015 Christmas gathering this year. By the time everyone had arrived, the table was groaning with delicious home-made goodies. The Champagne corks popped, and we were off! Thanks to all those who helped in the preparation, planning and carrying out of the event. My apologies once again for being out of action when all the work needed to be done. Fancy getting so sick after such a great holiday! So much for plane travel and the bugs that fly with us!

Iris, Grace, Narelle and Ros, June, and all the others I don't know about who assisted with all the little tasks. 

Iris's Christmas Challenge turned out to be a huge hit. It just grew.....

and grew.......

And grew, till it was obviously going to be a big double bed quilt!

And the winner of the draw was a very surprised Narelle! Congratulations. We wait to hear what she plans to do with the squares. Well done everyone who made one or multiple squares to participate in the challenge, and thanks Iris. It was a big success!

June's fun quiz is always popular, with plenty of running about, mild cheating and hysterical laughter. The basket of goodies made great prizes for the winners. Thanks June. You will most probably be called upon again next Christmas!

A couple of shots here of the food spread along the tables, but unfortunately I didn't get a shot of when they were full! If anyone else did, feel free to post it on the blog. It was amazing! The best and most delicious feast we've had in my memory of these events!


So another year came to an end, and we celebrated in style. Thanks everyone for being such a wonderfully supportive group. We have so much fun and learn so much along the way while doing what we love.
Let's do it all again next year, the year for yet another of our fabulous shows. Plenty to do when we get back, so have a great break. I leave you with the shots of our raffle quilts which we hung at the party - all ready to go for the show. At least we have that part taken care of!
Happy Christmas all. Enjoy your holidays with friends and families. Stay safe and well.
See you on January 14th.



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