Sunday 8 March 2015

Autumn at last!

We had a nice turn up at Quilters on Thursday. A short committee was held across the road beforehand, and progress was made in planning the raffle quilts for 2016. Very exciting designs, the first of which will be presented to the whole group next Thursday by Robyn J. This will be the Traditional Quilt design, a beautiful mix of colour and geometric pleasure, and we can all get started on it now so that there's plenty of time for the final hand-quilting.
The Contemporary Quilt design will be presented the week after by Judy G. This is a very colourful design which I think will excite much interest!

Our new treasurer Grace is happy that over half the fees have come in already. They all need to be in by the end of this month in order for people to remain a financial member. Don't forget it can be done on-line if you can't get to group. For details of how, just drop an email to Grace and she'll fill you in. Cheers.

The new Template magazine finally arrived, so you can have a look at it in the library cupboard if you missed out last week. Please also remember to have a browse through our extensive library. There are so many wonderful books there. Much careful deliberation and choosing has gone into gathering the collection together over the years, so it's a shame if they're not being used. Easy to forget I know.

More people have come forward to join the Show Committee for 2016. It's wonderful to have people already putting their minds toward the planning this far out. It bodes well for a bumper show I think! A new committee can mean new thinking, fresh ideas and a revitalising of the whole event! An exciting opportunity. If any person or buddy pair would like to put themselves forward as the coordinators of this outstanding committee please do. They will be a fabulous team to work with!

I'm going to contact HH Council tomorrow regarding the two missing tables from the hall. I believe they were taken away because they were damaged and therefore unsafe. I'm hoping to get them replaced because we really need them when we have a full group. We all need to remember that, although they're nice and light to erect and put away, they still need gentle handling. Apparently they had been roughly handled which has resulted in the damage. Not necessarily us mind you, but we can only do our part. Cheers.

Iris put up some of the bits and pieces from the Christmas Challenge the other day on the design wall. They looked fantastic! It's going to make something wonderful for community. Here's a glimpse.......

Some gems in this week's Show and Tell as well.
Suzie L made this gorgeous baby quilt for The Grace Centre, with wonderful dinosaur backing. Well done!

The next shots are close-ups of the finally finished music themed quilt by Robyn J a few weeks back. Quilting completed.

Helen K made the two next quilts for her grandkids, but they grew too fast and went to school! Helen is now kindly donating both to a local crèche. Lucky kids at the crèche. They're beautiful quilts Helen. Well done.

Love these letters!

Maree G made the next beauty from all 'old' fabrics she says. It's wonderful. All oldies on the back as well, including some teapot fabric from Judith's donated stash (which is proving to be endless!).

Our final show and tell item is an amazing Amish quilt. The top was purchased by Susan SJ for $250. She then brought it home and completed the quilt, and has done all the machine quilting on it as well. It's for her bed and will touch the floor I think. It's HUGE! Lots of us needed to come and take a closer look at the piecing. A fabulous result Susan. Congrats. 

The machine quilted back

Sorry this blog is late this week girls. It's been a busy few days since Thursday! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and see you next week.
Cheers, Elva

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