Saturday 28 February 2015

Towards Summer's End

Another busy day at HHQ. All seemed to be running smoothly this week in terms of doors, locks etc! What a relief.
A larger group this week, but I suspect there are still people away on various holidays or family commitments. 
Quite a bit of discussion was had regarding filling the position of 'Show Convenor' for the 2016 Show.
Opening this up to this chat has had a good result, and as I suspected, people have started to come forward volunteering themselves for all the show committee responsibilities. My guess is that a leader will emerge before we know it! Special thanks to Susan H, Suzie L, Penny, Hayley and Lindy for stepping up. Much appreciated by the group.

In the meantime these committee members can begin the work that needs to be started. The main ones are getting the raffle quilts underway. Both Judy and Robyn J have already done lots of planning and are ready to go! So a general committee meeting will be held next week to sign the plans off. After that you can expect to be presented fairly soon with the designs so we can all begin the task. Very exciting! I'll send out an email today to committee members concerned. 

A reminder was given on Thursday about membership fees. These are due by 31st March, and are $85 for the year. Please pass this on to Grace ( our new treasurer) as soon as you can. Thanks.


 More quilts to be seen this week! 

Penny has constructed this fabulous quilt from Kathy's 'Wandering Mind' fabric range. She has made it for herself (good on you Penny!) and it has turned out beautifully I think you'll agree! Having purchased a pack of this fabric myself at the last show, I might get some ideas from yours Penny! It's lovely!

Susan H made this lovely table cover quilt from a Quiltmania pattern. The fabric range is Moda from Quiltsmith. A very striking design. Well done.

Jenny S (with the assistance of Maree and June) has designed and constructed this top from some of the 2" strips cut from donated fabric. Plenty more in the cupboard I believe, and Jenny suggests you can use jelly roll ideas and designs with the strips. It's a very nice quilt top and will be finished off for the community collection. Well done girls!

Jess's latest is being prepared for the Guild Show later this year. It is a classic Jess! Out there, innovative, quizical and beautiful -all at once! Well done Jess. Your work is a refreshing delight!
It is inspired by the book "Under Milkwood"

A wonderful display of the amazing work this group produces each and every week! No wonder there are so many beautiful quilts on beds, tables and everywhere else around Australia. People would be surprised how far our quilts travel! It's such a privilege to be a part of this traditional art form.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. See you Thursday.
Cheers, Elva

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