Friday 6 February 2015

February Community Day

The noise of discussion and activity was everywhere on the first community day for the year.    Elva is on holidays so Audrey led the the 12 o'clock news and it is Iris here on the blog.

We welcomed a new member, Jenny B, who shared  her work in progress with us.   Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt - I love the colours.

Henny's husband is battling health issues,  so our thoughts are with Henny and all her family

Birthday girls are Robyn Jo. and Akiko - happy birthday to you both.

The 'thank you' award from the City of Sydney for  the quilt that we made for the Lord Mayor's Picnic,  is now hanging on our 'Award Wall' - which is fast running out of space !

Community Work in Progress - some of the activities of the day:

Doreen and Gil are having fun with hexagons,  2 inch squares and applique

Akiko, Ros, Narelle and Janet spent their day playing with these blocks:  later, after much discussion, approval was given to the addition of  lime green.

In another corner, 2 inch strips were everywhere, Jenny was the 'stripper' (sorry no picture), June the sorter and Marie the sewer. 

Community work - completed

Susan has organised the delivery of this quilt to the CWA for their annul fundraising.  The quilt was made by Helena and her team - even the backing showed off some hexagons

A finished quilt by June, Marie, Robyn S and Iris:  Flower Garden

And another one that wasn't shown,  but has just been completed:  the quilt was made by Narelle and the quilting was completed by Beryl B. and Judy G.   (Add a comment, if I got that wrong, please)
It deserves a proper 'show and tell' next week.

The Christmas Challenge Show and tell   ...

The Christmas Challenge produced lots of excellent contributions to our community activities.  The challenge has three options:  cot quilts, quilt bags and funky flower or star blocks.

First the cot quilts for the Grace Centre - 17 plus quilts were made :  I say 'plus' because I suspect that the counting went a little bit wrong and some quilts were added to the 'existing pile' instead of the 'challenge pile'  - so apologies to the quilters who were not properly applauded for their work,  I know that Marie K was one .

The challenge pile !

and all  'spread out'   ...

Quilt bags - we have five

and the display of flowers and stars blocks  ...  just need a few more, please

An excellent day!      Have a great week,      Cheers Iris

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