Friday 30 January 2015

Great to be back!

Hello everyone. Elva here, back on blog duty! Actually it's more a pleasure than a duty, and it certainly was a great pleasure to be back at Quilters yesterday at last.
The hall was buzzing with activity and there were quite a few returned members coming back from travel or other commitments.
As the year settles in, we are heading towards our AGM which will be in three weeks time on the 19th February. Kerry has sent out an email with details with hard copies coming next week for non-email people. Please approach any of the executive over the next few weeks if you have ideas for vacant positions. Don't be hesitant to put your own name forward as a committee member, there are great benefits in being more closely involved in the day to day organisation of the group, not the least of which are getting to know everyone more closely, seeing the internal workings, having greater opportunities for input, and so on. You'd be most welcome.

Next week, Feb 5th is the date set for returning your contributions to the Christmas Challenge. Quite a few are already in, but a full Show & Tell of all bits and pieces will take place next week. I look forward to seeing it all on the next blog, as I'll be away and miss the event. Have fun!

While we're on dates for this year, Deb reminded everyone that the retreat this year will be from 21st to 23rd August at The Redleaf Resort, Blackheath. In the coming weeks Deb will ask for a general indication of numbers, if not final commitment. See her for finer details re prices etc. Looking forward to it. It's always a great weekend away.

A reminder was given yesterday regarding any changes to addresses, phone contacts and emails. These need to be kept up to date as much as we can for ease and effective communications. We are a large group! Just let myself, Kerry or any of the exec know of changes. Thanks.

More fabric will continue to come in from Judith's kind donation over the coming weeks. Please help yourself or put some aside for future community work. Thanks to Jenny, Narelle and Jessica (and any others I'm unaware of) who have been working away cutting up 2 inch strips for use as jelly roll pieces etc. This is a great idea to make effective use of such a stash. Remember also the jelly roll ideas from books in our library for inspiration.


Not a lot of show and tell this week, but next week there will be no shortage!

Below you can see the finished quilt Hayley has been working on. We have all watched it emerging, and here it is at last! Beautiful!

Jenny yet again has whipped up this little number in the blink of an eye! She tells us the blues came from Judith's stash donation. She also tells us not to hold our breath for it to be finished into a quilt, as this could be some time away. It's going to be a beauty!

Too shy to show it at the time, I took a shot of Merlyn's lovely quilt, made for a little girl who lost her mum when she was very young. Her big sister has one of Merlyn's as well. A lovely gesture and a beautiful quilt. I'll show both sides. So often the stories behind the quilts are very moving. It's a major part of the art isn't it?

Finally, a shot of a little girl and her cat snuggled into a quilt. It's a quilt I'm sure you'll recognise. The little girl is Neve, who won the quilt in the Lords Mayor's Picnic Raffle, and her cat is "Tiger". We received our certificate of appreciation for our brag wall, and this shot puts the icing on the cake. We can see from the photo who the real owner of the quilt is (if we were in any doubt at all)! 
Quilts truely are magic carpets are they not?

On that note, I'll sign off for the next couple of weeks. The blog will be done by others, so keep tuning in!
Just a last thought on quilt stories and magic carpets. Over the holidays. Marie K leant me a wonderful book which I would highly recommend - especially to quilters. It's "The Invetion Of Wings" by Sue Monk Kidd, same author who wrote "The Secret Life Of Bees". This one has a quilt theme running through it which is very moving and wonderful. I'm sure it's in libraries by now. Enjoy!

Cheers till I see you again. Elva

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