Friday 23 January 2015

A quiet Thursday

Iris here again.  This week we had a very quiet day at Fairland Hall, with many people away,  obviously taking advantage of the final week of school holidays.    Elva is still not 100% but intends to be back with us next week regardless - good fighting spirit.

We had a bit of  'fabric-feast' with genuine batiks from Heather and another box of supplies from Judith:  lots were filed for community activities, but still lots for sharing.    Thank you to them both.

Another reminder of the AGM on Thursday 19/2, with a general meeting to take place just before.  Details and agenda for these will be issued next week.   

We received a  letter and certificate of appreciation from the City of Sydney for our 2014 NYE quilt.  It will be framed and added to our 'recognition' wall.

Show and Tell ..   Christmas Challenge

The supply of cot quilts is growing thanks to the Christmas Challenge:   from Marie K (yes, another one !)

Four from Lindy - these were just added to the pile and not shown,  but I found them  !  The cutest fabric is used in all four quilts but in different ways.

and two from Judy G - also just added to the pile and not shown !

On February 5th,  when all the Christmas Challenge contributions are in,  we will have a Show and Tell of all the cot quilts, bags and blocks.  

and more Show and Tell ....

From Janet, a requested purple quilt for her 8 year old great granddaughter

From Marie K,  a baby quilt for a friend ... the quilting is beautiful

From Jessica - Jessica's contribution to the Modern Quilt Exhibition - I loved the green fabric 'knotted' edging:

and finally  .. this quilt top from Beryl  R. which I spied early in the day   ...

We also had a sneak preview of a new quilt from Kathy D - an MO special to be shown at a later date.  As always, Kathy pushes us traditionalists to new horizons with her original ideas.

That's all   ... have a good week  ...   Iris

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