Thursday 15 January 2015

Happy New Year for 2015

Iris in the 'blog' chair this week, wishing everyone a happy, healthy and an inspirational sewing year ahead.

First of all, best wishes for a speedy recovery to Elva who is feeling the pain and discomfort of shingles .   Elva,  our thoughts are with you - get well before your holidays.

Cheryl has also been 'in the wars' again,  after another trip to the hospital over the holiday is now back home.   Cheryl, our thoughts are with you as well  - take it slowly this time.

Generous donation:  In preparation for Judith and Marsh's move,  Judith has given all her fabrics and sewing tools and books to us.  These have been picked up and over the next Thursdays Grace and Jessica will be bringing them for community work and sharing. 

Success story:  The current issue of Quilt Mania reports on the Sydney Quilt Show:  Jessica and Helena's quilts are featured - well done to both of you.   (If anyone has a copy of the magazine,  can you bring it in to share, please ?)

AGM:  The AGM is coming up on  Thursday 19th February:  there are positions available and everyone is encouraged to consider their involvement.    Positions available include,  Community Coordinator, 2106 Raffle Quilt coordinators and Show Coordinator.  Information about each of these are in a folder in the cupboard,  but the best thing is to have a chat to Elva, Grace, Jenny or me about any of these jobs.        I can, personally say that being involved in the running of our group is extremely rewarding.   Give it serious thought.

Show and Tell:    Already contributions towards the Christmas Challenge are coming in and they look good.     Seven cot quilts for the Grace Centre  were completed and shown-off at show and tell.
Janet, Jenny and Val each made one quilt and Grace and Marie K. both competed two each.

Jenny showed us what she was playing with over the holidays ..  a mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter (I think I've got that right)  - I think that Deb L. will also have her version of the same quilt for show in the future weeks.   Despite this small picture the quilt is huge !

Jenny told us she is also working on reducing her stash of UFOs - this was a 'completed' job:

Karen M shared two quilts that she made during her time in Chicargo - they are stunning!   Is this a possible workshop for 2015 ???

and this is what Karen is working on now  ...

     Have a good sewing week and see you next week  ...  get well, Elva, we miss you.   Cheers Iris

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