Friday 13 February 2015

No news day ...

Elva is still enjoying her holiday returning next week, so Helena was in control and Iris again on the blog,  but I have very little to report.

Visitor: Helena welcomed Gil's friend Libby who was visiting for the day.

General housekeeping:  
  • Reminder of the AGM next week at 12noon,  when we show our appreciation for the work of the 2014 committee and welcome the 2015 committee.   A general meeting will be held prior to to the AGM at 11.30am.

  • Susan St.J. organized a new roll of wadding - bleached 80-20 and 108 inches wide, with a roll of Polydown to follow in a couple of weeks.,  

Show and Tell:

Beryl R and Margaret have made quilts using the same pattern - but each with their individual colour choice.  Grace quilted both of them, using different designs. It was interesting to see how the end results give two very different quilts.

Margaret's browns

Beryl's brights

 Margaret's 'wham' backing

Susan St.J. also showed us the table runners that she is making for another group and suggested we may like to consider the idea for our next quilt show.   (sorry, no picture)

Keep sewing until next week   ...   Cheers Iris 

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