Saturday 14 March 2015

Full House!

Wow, the hall was pretty full on Thursday, and it made us feel the lack of our two missing tables. our friend Dave at HH Council is chasing them up for us. The sooner the better!

Thanks to Judy G for putting so much excellent preparation into the explanatory sheets and patterns for the Contemporary Raffle Quilt for Show 2016. The design choice was received very positively by all, so I think we're on to a winner there Judy. Well chosen. The guide sheets were flying off the table at a great rate. Everyone is clearly busting to make a start.

Next week Robyn J will present the design and guide sheets for the Traditional Quilt. Can't wait!

Thanks also to Iris who has completely updated our History Folder. It's quite a job hunting out all the details of what's happened since last it was done. It makes very interesting reading, not only for new members but a nostalgic journey for oldies as well. A very important archive to have and keep. Many thanks Iris.

Grace passed on a thank you email from Stepping Stone House. They were clearly thrilled yet again for the Christmas presents of last December. Thanks to all members who contributed in the many ways to getting it all together, and thanks to Grace for driving the initiative. It is always so appreciated.

A reminder that the Eastwood Quilters Show will be on from the 1st to the 3rd of May this year. Leaflets with all other details are in the hall near the notice board for those interested.


Quite a few quilts this week which have been made for community.
First, three new little ones for the Grace Centre.
The first is by Val N, and it has that cute dinosaur fabric on the back for reversing. Nice one!


Next a lovely geometric from Maree G. Gorgeous colour choices!


And finally a bright and delightful one by June P. Again, colours to lift any spirits!


Next two quilts made for community use by Maree K. They will go to a good home and be well loved I'm sure.



If I got the detail correct, the next quilt was a combined effort by Iris and June, for June's friend. I hope that's correct ladies. It also has a cute and unique fabric on the back.

Margaret D showed two quilts. The first is one made by a few of her friends for her 70th which is next week I believe! Happy birthday Margaret, and enjoy your quilt made with love.

Margaret's second presentation was a quilt made for a friend (Jenny) some years ago for her 50th. A very nice design and colour choices here.

The final show and tell was one that Iris and others chose from the stores to be given to the Palliative Care Unit at Westmead Children's Hospital. They plan to use it as a raffle prize, and the funds raised will go towards equipment which they can loan to families to support children being cared for at home.
It's a fine example of how valuable this community quilting work is. Thanks to all members who participate in this aspect of our group.

And so after another very enjoyable and busy day of quilting, chatting, eating etc etc, we say goodbye till next Thursday. Have a great weekend everyone.

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