Saturday 21 March 2015

Tables replaced at last!

Yes, we now have our full complement of tables. Many thanks to HH Council for getting it done! We seem to have inherited an extra 'heavy' one into the bargain.
So, plenty of room for everyone - and room to work on sandwiching quilts as well.

Val read us a 'Cat In The Hat' poem based on the concept of ageing, which had us all in stitches. Thanks Val. We need these little diversions from time to time.

As promised, Robyn J presented the Traditional Raffle Quilt concept, and handed out instruction sheets. I'll send out an electronic copy as well for those who weren't at group, or wish to receive it that way.  Thanks Robyn. It looks like another exciting idea, and the girls were very keen to get started.

Judy G was delighted to have some contributions to the Contemporary quilt coming in already. Keep them coming. If you didn't get hold of these instructions, just see Judy when next you're at HHQ. 

Iris showed us the Christmas Challenge quilt so far, with a few gaps needing to be filled.
So if you have some brights and crisp whites lying around, Iris would like more 6 inch square stars or flowers. Here's an updated shot of how it's looking.


Looking fabulous Iris. It's going to make a pretty spectacular design for some lucky community recipient!

Susan D was back after a while away from the group, and she came armed with three gorgeous baby quilts for the Grace Centre. Thanks Susan. Here they are below.




Robyn S will be delivering yet another mighty full bag of baby quilts to the Grace Centre in a couple of weeks. Thank you Robyn. We appreciate this. And thanks to all the girls who have been working away all these months on the little quilts. They are so important to the hospital.

Jess presented the quilt below which was made by her from fabric won by Alison. Jess put it together and Helena did the quilting. Absolutely a joint effort. Well done girls. Another community quilt for the pile!


Jess also showed two quilts which have been accepted into the AQC Challenge. The first is entitled 'True Blue', and the second (a miniature) is an ANZAC tribute. Good work Jess. Inventive as ever!



And so ends another fun day at HHQ. See you all next Thursday.
Cheers, Elva

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