Saturday 28 March 2015

A quiet Thursday

Hello again.
We had quite a few gaps at the tables today. I think some people have already made journeys for Easter break with families.

Nevertheless, we had a happy group of stitchers working away. Several of the girls were working on blocks for the Traditional Quilt presented to us by Robyn last week. A few had already finished theirs, so there were plenty of models to work from. A bunch of fabrics of the appropriate colours was placed on one table, and pre-made templates were available to assist cutting. The result was good progress being made towards the quilt. Robyn will be pleased next week I think.

Grace gave a final reminder for membership fees which are due this coming Tuesday. 

We had a visit from two ladies who run the Figtree Playgroup in the hall on Wednesdays this year. We have donated a lovely quilt for them to raffle to raise funds for their group. They would also be interested in any ideas for stitching craft activities for the older of their children. The girls have already come up with some good ideas, and the ladies may come back and 'learn' some another time. Another possibility is for someone to take an activity to their group one week. I might have a go at that myself, having once been a member of their group with my grand daughter. Could be fun. Let me know if you'd like to join me! It would be great to inspire a new generation of quilters wouldn't it?

Iris has been working hard during the past week on our website, making some changes and updating generally. Check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks for your efforts Iris.

Kathy D has just been formally accredited as a teacher by the NSW Quilters Guild. Congratulations Kathy!


Quite a bit to show this week.
First, another four baby quilts for the Grace Centre done by Ailsa, Val, Gil and Jenny - in that order here they are.......





Debbie I showed a striking quilt made for a relative who especially wanted animal prints. It's really stunning Debbie. Well done. She definitely got what she wanted.


Kathy showed us a quilt top made with her newest fabric range. Very dramatic and interesting designs!
It's going to make a gorgeous finished quilt.



Next Gil showed a quilt made for her granddaughter which is lovely, and we also show the wonderful backing fabric.



And lastly, Susan H showed a quilt made for her grandson. The back blocks were designs and messages from friends and family. Lovely memories there!



So there we go. Another fun day at the Fairland Hall! See you all next Thursday and we'll do it all again! Enjoy the weekend.

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