Saturday 1 November 2014

30th October - bring on November!

It's hard to believe the end of the year is rushing up to meet us! It's been so busy this year, maybe we just haven't been paying attention.

Great excitement and plenty of shopping at the MO stall in the hall. Plenty more at the shop near Birkenhead if you missed getting what you needed. Thanks to the shop assistants who ran it so professionally. 

We welcomed Susan SJ back after about six months away! She looks fit as a fiddle. Travel definitely suits you Susan, but we missed you so much. You could tell that by the cheers as you entered the room!

Cheryl is still in hospital but progressing well. Maybe one more 'procedure' to go before rehab can begin. Always thinking of you Cheryl.

Thanks to Robin S for the clipping from The Hills Newspaper about a violinist at The Grace Centre (Westmead Hospital). In the background of the photo we could see a little quilt doing its work on a crib, which may have been one of ours. It made everyone's heart sing! Thanks Robin.

Our final gathering for the year, and therefore our Christmas party day will be Thursday 11th December. Put the date in your diary and we'll talk more about details of the day later.

Now some Show and Tell!

First a baby quilt for the Grace Centre by June P

And next another one by Marie G

Lovely work ladies. Keep those baby quilts coming! They're much appreciated.

Robyn J made the next quilt from the Alaskan fabric from her last trip. A memento for she and hubby to keep. Gorgeous!

Marie K made the next one to be given away to someone special I assume. Lucky person!

Our new member Hayley has almost finished this top. It's just waiting for a little extra fabric which is on its way. We're very impressed by your designs Hayley!

Iris helped Marie G out with some inspiration in this quilt. She not only made a lovely quilt from Marie's fabrics, but a gorgeous matching bag. This will be given to the community collection.

And the back

Beautiful work as always girls. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend now that the exhausting heat has left us for a while. We might even be lucky enough to get a bit of rain. The gardens are gasping for it!

Cheers all!

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