Sunday 9 November 2014

November community day

Hi everyone.
A brief blog this week. A very small group at Quilters last Thursday owing to many girls being away on courses etc. 

I still haven't heard from Coleen as to when her little 'shop' will be happening, but I'll contact her before Thursday to find out for you. I know many people look forward to it so much before Christmas.

Final preparations for the Christmas Party will be nutted out at a committee meeting on Thursday 20th November, so stay tuned!

Cheryl is in rehab and slowly on the mend!

Show and tell was pretty extensive with many community quilts ready to be delivered and on show.
Apologies if the names of the quilts or the group's that made them are in a muddle. My faithful photo-taker Helena was away and therefore the shots were taken by two of us on two different devises!! I've learnt never to do that again! Anyway, here goes.......

This little gem was done by Jill for the great-grandchild of a friend. The centre piece of crossing hearts includes some 100 year old Nottingham lace! Very beautiful Jill. Lucky child!

I'm pretty sure that Iris's Blue Group did these community quilts called variously "T- Break", Croosroads 1 & 2

The next called "Ships Ahoy" shows the front and back. Sadly I can't tell you who made it. That got lost in translation so to speak!

Jenny S and Grace can take credit for this beautiful one called "String Stars"

And next, Suzie has completed this cute one called"Beach Huts"

Well, that's it. Sorry for the delay in getting the blog to you. I won't see you this coming Thursday as I'll be away in Adelaide. Hope you all have fun. See you the following week!

Cheers, Elva

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